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Posted on Monday, July 14, 2008

dayana mendoza 2008 miss universe

In sexy swimsuit: Dayana Mendoza 2008 Miss Universe from Venezuela! (wearing BSC Swimwear)

Runner ups in swimsuits

miss colombia bikini

1st Runner-UP Taliana Vargas : Miss Colombia in a green bikini

miss dominican republic

2nd Runner-UP Marianne Cruz Gonzalez : Miss Dominican Republic in a woven bikini

Miss Mexico is Best in Swimwear

elisa najera

10 days ago, Elisa Najera - Miss Mexico-, won the Miss Universe award for Best Bikini.

The special Best Bikini Body competition was held on July 2, 2008 at the Vinpearland resort, also in Vietnam (Nha Trang).

See you at the Olympics

miss china bikini

China didn't make it in this year's top 5, they must be all concentrating on the Beijing Olympics which will start in less than a month.

Sorry Ziya Wei, although you're posing quite nicely without falling the BSC Swimwear and Nina Shoes during the Swimwear Show at Vinpearl Land in Nha Trang City.


Miss El Salvador Bikini

The smallest contestant this year was Rebeca Morena, Miss El Salvador, standing 5'3" tall, that's 160cm or thank you Rebeca for representing 'normal' sized people like me :-)

If you can't walk, don't wear a bikini...

Don't even dare to "run" for Miss Universe

Just learn how to walk, ok?

miss USA falls

This is Miss USA Crystle Stewart in 2008. She must have taken lessons from previous year's Miss USA as again she fell onto the stage in her high heels.

All that showing off her evening gown being in the top 10 of 2008 Miss Universe Pageant in Vietnam.

Quite a mystery for me why she applauds herself just after standing up. Oh well, standing up on high heals must have been a real accomplishment for her then? Congratulations, at least you make US famous in no category whatsoever.

Sure Donald Trump will add a "fall competition" to Miss Universe next year, otherwise US girls become quite an embarrassment on the international stage...

Congratulations again Dayana Mendoza 2008 Miss Universe from Venezuela!

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