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Posted on Thursday, July 03, 2008

fiona xie in bikini

Watch this superhot Singapore actress Fiona Xie in bikini video compilation. Wonder why she is taking a bath in a room filled with 10 people. Learn which bikini to wear when you have a full busty like Fiona Xie.

Top 3 best Fiona Xie bikinis

Watch this compilation of Fiona Xie Wan Yu wearing 3 different bikinis:

  • a striped bralette bikini which she wears in quite a shy way (because it's the wrong choice of swimsuit for her I guess...). A bralette gives great support for a small or medium bust, with over-the-shoulder straps that you can adjust for a comfortable fit.

  • the sexy white triangle bikini from the above picture with an adjustable string underneath to add extra support

  • a blue halter bikini with tied straps behind her neck and a back closure. Again you choice of bikini when you need to offer maximum support for a full bust

    fiona xie in a bikini

Enjoy the Fiona Xie video which will go slower each time her bikini comes into play...

Fiona Xie naked picture

fiona xie naked picture

Mediacorp, or TV Singapore as I like to call it, is also a monopoly in free-to-air TV in Singapore. MediaCorp runs six television channels and 14 radio channels, making it the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore.

One of their favorite actresses to present Singapore food, to play in a Singapore movie, model and do commercials is Fiona Xie Wan Yu.

singapore actress fiona xie

Singapore actress Fiona Xie promoting "Peel Fresh Marigold fruit juice"

Mediacorp really knows how to exploit her pretty face and body, as you can see in the bikini video compilation above...

But just her face alone has all the commercial value you expect from a model:

fiona xie

Fiona Xie's future?

When the power of a pretty face, cleavage and swimwear wears off, the next logical step was the illusion of a naked picture photoshoot. It's part of Mediacorp's new "see some of your other stars in erm, other compromising positions"...

Fiona is still covered up but the photoshoot is so intelligent that you get the illusion what your imagination is dreaming about :-) Fiona better watch her steps as we all know what next step men want her to do...

The future is obvious but up to now you don't need much imagination to enjoy our youtube Fiona Xie in bikini video.

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