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Posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

gwen stefani beachwear

Nothing more common than mood-swings of expecting mothers:

  • 4 months ago when the Gwen Stefani family decided to wait until the actual birth of their new baby to know the gender...

  • now gossip wants us to believe that Gwen Stefani herself has announced that her new baby will be a boy...

Looking at the size of her tummy, we wont have to wait very long to know the real answer :-)

Meanwhile Gwen Stefani shows off 21st century beach wear: cover as much as possible in order not to get skin cancer. Although I must admit wearing black at the beach can't be that cooling either.

If you want to enjoy beach life the fullest then make sure you have the following accessories:

  • sunglasses: not only to be trendy and fashionable, but to protect your eyes from the sun

  • sun-block: the stronger the better: again: you rather have a mild tan than skin cancer or red lobster colour... If you swim, make sure your suntan is waterproofed. And do come out of the water every once in a while to apply new suntan. I have been burned just snorkeling around without any protection, so I know what I am talking about...

  • aloe vera cream to moisturize your skin as soon as you are back in the shadow or go for a snack indoors

  • a sari is always useful: wrap around your legs or body to protect against the sun, you look dressed fast and easy

  • a hat

  • a big bag to put anything you need on the beach :-)

Meanwhile I cannot wait to see Gwen Stefani in a bikini after giving birth and her secret to get her tummy back how it was!

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