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Posted on Friday, July 11, 2008

ice tea

I do find it amusing when European tourists flock to Bali, Thailand or Malaysia, dive in their swimsuits, stretch themselves on the beach and look like a lobster within the hour :-)

I know Europe can be cold... But these tourists have been lying in the sun for hours (something we just don't do ourselves here, you don't want to catch a skin cancer do you?).

The biggest joke occurs when they chill out for a drink and ask:

"what, no airconditioning here?"

Anyway, if you want a cheap good cold drink in Malaysia, go for a 'Teh Ais', or tea ice if you don't speak the local language :-) It's made with hot tea, some condensed milk, lots of sugar and lots of ice.

The Tea Ice in the above picture costs about US 30 cents, that means you can drink a liter of refreshing ice cold tea for about a dollar.

Just go where the locals sit, otherwise you will pay a bomb and you do need the money to buy Aloe Vera cream to ease your sun burns :-)

It can be bought everywhere, that is in the local shop of your hotel (of yes we know you will need it), at pharmacies and tourist shops all around. It's green, you can't miss it.