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Posted on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

marie jarry bikini

Marie Jarry here in bikini in participating in Howard Stern's Ugliest Guy Hottest Wife show. And they did win first price: $5000! Go figure is she really the hottest wife or is it that her hubby Aaron is the ugliest dude in the universe? Surely not both if you ask me!

But the point is not about playing in a bikini contest, as we also have our own bikini dare kind of contest.

The argument isn't even whether or not TV's should or shouldn't attract more people by parading girls in swimsuits.

The problem starts when Marie Jarry starts taking a paid sick leave day off at work in order to show off her swimwear or her hubby in the mentioned contest. And her work happens to be being a second grade teacher.

Now if this is a teacher that preaches by example your kids will turn out to:

  • take sick leave every time there is some money to win

  • show up in your evening TV show wearing a bikini

If the latter is the case, then just pray your child is not a boy :-)

Marie Jarry meanwhile got fired and is suing her school for firing her...

Euhm... people that take paid sick days to earn extra money should be fired, shouldn't day? You cannot eat from 2 tables at the same time, or at least not when you are wearing a bikini like Marie Jarry...

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