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Posted on Monday, July 14, 2008

mariah carey in a bikini

Again! Enjoy our preview of this hot picture of Mariah Carey in a bikini for Elle Magazine August 2008.

As usual, Mariah Carey is wearing a triangle bikini, which is most convenient to give her as much support as possible. The adjustable string underneath her bikini is clearly giving her even better support.

It's the second time we show you Mariah Carey in bikini and Elle is just the latest in the row of Magazines like Vibe and I-D that got Mariah in swimsuit.

And if you thought that her marriage with Nick Cannon would slow her swimwear videos a bit down....

Well, you are wrong!

Have a look at how many different skimpy bikinis Mariah is wearing on the beach to promote her new single: I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time.

Whatever you do, don't wear Mariah's shiny glittering bikini if you fancy to swim in the sea: you don't want to attract sharks, do you?

I prefer her video for the images of the sun on the sea and the island: you do love to travel to a beach resort do you in stead of traveling to see Mariah Carey in a bikini...

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