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Posted on Sunday, July 27, 2008

phuket seakayaking

More pictures from my latest Phuket seakayaking excursion. You can choose between 2 sea kayaking tours:

  1. a full sea tour day of peacefully relaxing in and around the "hongs" and lagoons.
    "Hong" is the Thai word for room: hongs are inland open-air tidal lagoons surrounded by sheer cliffs up to 1000 feet high.
    And you won't believe your eyes when suddenly you find some monkey's
    in the middle of the sea!

  2. the romantic afternoon tours: my favourite as I love to sleep in and the full day tour has the afternoon "free on the island"...
    You don't need to pay a package to do something that's free I find...
    One of those "free activities" is taking a canoe and paddling on your own...

    These romantic Andaman Sea kayaking tours do include a lovely sunset at sea, which is priceless.

sea kayaking tours

It's not just a sea kayaking tour, we got to see lots of animals and I never saw so much sea-eagles together.

If you want peace and quite, make sure you join a tour that caters to as little people as possible.

Ask the people in your Phuket Thailand accommodation for further help and also compare their suggestions with the abundance of brochures they offer as well.

Some shopping around really pays off and make sure you don't limit yourself to only one travel agency. The sea kayaking tours on offer are quite similar, yet the prices and the time spend on the Andaman Sea do differ a lot!

Don't you just love to work in paradise! For now I head back to work so I don't know yet when my next Phuket seakayaking tour will be :-)

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