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Posted on Sunday, July 13, 2008

recent miley cyrus pictures

Another recent Miley Cyrus pictures scandal is in the making: Miley has been filming herself taking a wet t-shirt shower with her hand-phone and oh well, somebody has hacked her hand-phone...

As usual, these Miley Cyrus racy pics are spreading like wildfire over the Internet.

One thing that keeps Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana to become the next Vanessa Hudgens is that she is smart enough not to take off her clothes in front of the camera. But in the picture above, one wonders who is taking the picture...

I do see my nieces these days taking one crazy or racy picture after the other and put them on Facebook. But you wonder where to draw the limit I find.

miley cyrus in a bikini

Nothing wrong with Miley Cyrus in a bikini or in a wet t-shirt like above, but there are 2 more things:

  • who else is watching her photos (she is an under age Disney-Nickelodeon Star after all...)

  • who is making the most money using free pictures of celebrities?

As far as Hannah Montana is concerned, she seems to love taking pictures of herself or with her friends in bikinis in bathrooms:

miley cyrus racy pics

Miley Cyrus racy pics

miley cyrus racy pictures

As far as Disney is concerned: beach dress-code should be one piece swimsuits. Miley Cyrus relaxes on the beach yesterday with friends while filming her new Hannah Montana movie in Malibu.

miley cyrus in bikini

Miley wearing a very conservative one piece swimsuit

miley cyrus bikini

At least some of her friends were allowed to wear bikinis...

Anyway, as far as the hacker of Hannah's phone is concerned. he is ready to make another Miley Cyrus photo scandal as he is willing to sell more of the hacked recent Miley Cyrus pictures...

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