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Posted on Tuesday, July 01, 2008
rikku in a bikini

Rikku is a 15 year old Japanese girl in a bikini. Watch her here in thong and bikini, naughty cosplay, anime, hentai or download these hot Rikku wallpapers.

Rikku plays a character in the PlayStation 2 games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2).

A yellow bikini top and yellow bikini thong with orange straps: my favorite of her all outfit :-).

Now when it comes to swimming, she becomes suddenly very shy in picking the right swimsuit. Of course, you cannot expect to see Rikku naked, but it's surprising to see her suddenly wearing a one-piece suit.

From bikini to tanktop

rikku tanktop

Rikku also appears in Kingdom Hearts II along with her companions from the game, Yuna and Paine.

The three sexy girls now appear as miniature fairy versions of themselves and wear modified versions of their Final Fantasy X-2 attire. Because the original designs contained clothing that is too revealing for younger players.

The yellow bikini top is now a tanktop - though still showing her midriff -, her skirt is longer and orangee, and she wears thigh high white socks.(in case you thought her legs were white, you can see her tights are in a skin-color).

From tanktop to no top

When 3d images come in play, adults and a game that's called final fantasy, you can imagine that all wont keep as serene as the picture below.


Ask men what is there final fantasy, and the above picture get's shown from different angles very fast...


Just as well that Rikku does wear a thong!

But you can imagine: when there are younger players who favor the tanktop, there are also Rikku adult games out there who are more interested to see what's under the bikini...

Suddenly Rikku's boobs have undergone plastic surgery as this result you can't get with even the best push-up bra... Reminds me how Laura Croft evolved in the Thumb Raider games...

rikku boobs

Rikku boobs inflated by 3d?

Of course all these 3d pictures of Rikku emphasize on her sexiness and not so on her cuteness, which I find quite sad as she is a lively, kind-hearted young girl with eccentric gestures and lots of humor.

sexy girl rikku 3d

Needless to say that hot Rikku wont be wearing her bikini for long.

rikku hot

For the sake of this post I have been playing a Rikku naked quiz, but the drawings are really boring compared to the real manga and anime.

rikku manga

rikku anime

When it comes to hentai, it's not really always my taste to say the least, and you always wonder why men suddenly want to see all women being lesbians like Yuna and Rikku together.

lesbian rikku

And of course men will defend themselves saying: it doesn't have to be 2 girls, it can also be ... 3 ...

anime rikku

Yuna Paine Rikku

Naughty Rikku

Well, cosplay doesn't have to be naughty as you can see in these 2 pictures below. If you happen to have a Rikku cosplay outfit yourself to share, please leave a comment!

rikku cosplay

Rikku cosplay doesn't only apply on Asian girls above and below!


naughty rikku

But Asian girls are far more better in portraying a naughty Rikku don't you think?

Rikku Wallpaper

Click on the pictures below to download one of these Rikku's hot wallpapers.

Rikku and Tidus (where is the kiss?)

Rikku hot wallpaper

My personal favorite Rikku wallpaper

Yuna Rikku Paine wallpaper

Rikku in a bra

If you love cosplay as much as I do, and you feel inspired by all anime, manga or even hentai from Rikku, you surely want to know how you can sew her own bikini top or bra yourself.

Watch the examples from a hand-made Rikku bra (pictures courtesy of )

rikku sexy

Rikku sexy bra home sewing

rikku in a bra

How you can look like Rikku in a bra

To have a better view from the front and back of the bra or bikini top, also look at these 2 front and back pictures (courtesy of website: see URL in picture)

rikku bra front

Rikku Bra Front

rikku bra back

Rikku Bra Back

Japanese fanart of Rikku

For those into drawing in stead of clothes, fashion, cosplay and sewing, there is a lot of really cute Rikku fanart online as well. Let me show my favorites:

japanese fanart of rikku

Rikku in her Berserker dress sphere by a drawer having a fetish with fur it seems. Well, the bikini looks cute and the thong most likely is more easy to wear...

Rikku in a bikini by Jeneni, see pic on top of this post

sexy rikku

My personal favorite: a sexy Rikku sitting on a palmtree near the beach (my favorite occupation as well :-) )

If you have more fanart of Rikku in a bikini, please leave a comment!