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Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

swimsuit tan lines

10 tips how to avoid sun tan lines!

  1. The simplest option is to ... avoid getting a tan in the first place.

  2. Men would say: get a sun tan without wearing any swimwear... Then I would ask them the next question: how to protect your more sun sensitive top and butt from the sunrays?

  3. A simple way to not get bikini tan lines is to alternate in tying the top string normal or crossed behind the neck. The picture on top explains my wordings better :-)

  4. Tan in tanning beds. Ask the people which position to lay in when you want to avoid any tanning marks on your arms and legs.

  5. Tan using self tanning lotion. Make sure you ask the person that sells you the lotion how to apply the lotion. I mean, if she says; "just put it on evenly", you will end up like me looking like an expired chocolate...

    You must ex-foliate the skin to allow any self-tanner to spread on evenly. But make sure to avoid oil-based exfoliaters, as the residue they leave behind on your skin will prevent the self-tanner from absorbing.

  6. Apply self-tanning lotion to even up your tiny tan lines with the rest of your tanned body. Make sure you do wear some kind of glove, or you end up with a dark finger.
    Quite difficult to get all tiny tan lines matching the rest of your body I find, but surely better than keeping the tanning lines as they are. Rest assured, lots of men love babes with tan lines, not to mention the online sun tan lines contests men organize... You never have to worry about what men think :-) (does this imply men do think when looking at bikini babes?)

    tan lines contest

  7. The best solution is wearing a tan through swimsuit or shirt. These tan through swimsuits use fabrics that are specially designed to allow a safe amount of the sun’s rays through, resulting in a suntan with no visible tan lines.

    Soft but strong micro fibre technology means a fabric woven with thousands of tiny pores to allow the sun to shine through. This gives the added benefit of a suit that’s comfortable and airy, allowing your skin to breathe.

    It will also dry faster after a swim, as the pores allow moisture to evaporate quickly.

    Most tan through beach wear has a SPF of between 6 and 10. So you need to look for 2 different sun tan lotions:

    1. the first to protect your exposed skin

    2. the second with a SPF of 6 to 10 less than the first lotion to put under your tan through swimsuit

Happy tanning and comment us your tips and pictures without swimsuit tan lines!

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