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Posted on Saturday, August 23, 2008

federica pellegrini seychelles

What's the difference between Federica Pellegrini Seychelles sexy bikini above and her "NASA fastest swimsuit ever" Olympic picture below?

federica pellegrini swimsuit

The black swimsuit is the one designed for speed from NASA. But you notice also blue swimwear... That's right: Federica is wearing her normal swimsuit under the NASA Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit. Why?

Because the LZR Racer swimsuit can sometimes break very easily... Maybe somebody needs to tell those people at NASA that women prefer to be seen inside their swimsuits!

Having said so: if you have no idea where to go on your next vacation and you have a lot of money to spare, then have a look at one of the resorts in the Indian Ocean at the east of Africa.

Amazingly but true, some of these Islands are part of France! Which only goes to show the facts of Seychelles islands: they look like paradise for the French so they intend to never give up these colonial Seychelles...

Look at the Seychelles island pictures below and you will understand what's at stake...

seychelles island pictures

Map of Seychelles islands

A map of Seychelles of Africa:

map of seychelles islands

The 115 Seychelles Islands form an archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean. The closest well known travel destinations nearby are:

  • the islands of Madagascar and Maldives
    in the south west

  • Zanzibar at the west,

  • French paradise islands Mauritius and RĂ©union at the north (there are a few gorgeous Mauritius Seychelles cruises to choose from, again be prepared to fork out lots of money)

  • Comoros and Mayotte at the north east

Webcam Seychelles

webcam seychellesIf you want to know who is strolling around at the beach of the Seychelles, they have a webcam on the beach and also at the market.

The site to visit is : .

If you don't see Federica Pellegrini on the webcam anymore, then spot her again below:

federica pellegrini seychelles

"Style never goes on holiday"
Federica Pellegrini Seychelles Adidas Swimwear Photoshoot

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