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Posted on Sunday, August 17, 2008

guo jingjing pics

Enjoy these sexy Guo Jingjing pics in bikini, lots of springboard diving photos and 2 sexy in red Guo Jingjing pictures.

Above one of the Guo Jingjing pics during the women's three-meter springboard preliminary stage last Saturday. I do prefer Guo Jingjing's swimsuit over the one piece bathing suit of Wu Minxia (back)... No wonder Wu Minxia changed to her other swimsuit during the finals (won by Guo Jingjing, Wu Minxia gained bronze) :-)

guo jingjing pictures

My favourite of the Guo Jingjing pictures: Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia winning the women's synchronised 3m springboard in the Beijing Olympics 2008 (again after their win of 4 years in Athens!).

Guo Jingjing in a bikini

Since we are so used to see divers only wearing one piece bathing suits, have a look at Guo Jingjing's favourite bikini.

guo jingjing in a bikini

Guo Jingjing bikini pictures

guo jingjing bikini

Guo Jingjing bio

guo jingjing photo
Sexy Guo Jingjing photo at the pool

  • Date of birth: 15/10/81
  • Horoscope: Libra
  • Place of birth: Baoding, Hopeh Province
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Guo Jingjing took up swimming when she was six-years-old at the Baoding Training Base.
  • 1988: Diver, Baoding Training Base, Hebei Province
  • 1993: Hebei Provincial Diving Team
  • 1992: National Diving Team

Guo Jingjing springboard diving

guo jingjing springboard diving

  • 2000: Sydney Olympic Games - 2nd 3m springboard/synchronized springboard
  • 2001: The Ninth World Swimming Championships - 1st 3m springboard/synchronized springboard
  • 2002: The 13th World Cup - 1st 1m/3m springboard; 2nd 3m synchronized springboard
  • 2003: FINA Diving Grand Prix (Australia) - 1st springboard/synchronized springboard
  • 2003: World Championships - 1st 3m springboard/synchronized springboard

    guo jingjing springboard diving
  • 2004: The 14th World Cup - 1st 3m synchronized springboard; 2nd 3m springboard
  • 2004: Athens Olympic Games - 1st 3m springboard & synchronized springboard
  • 2005: China's Guo Jingjing wins the gold medal in the women's 3m springboard with a score of 637.77 at the 23rd Universiade in Izmir, Turkey, Aug. 18, 2005 (see Guo Jingjing photo below).

    sexy guo jingjing

More Guo Jingjing pictures

guo jingjing sexy

Guo Jingjing sexy in red again

guo jingjing video

Guo Jingjing shooting her own private video, I love the back of her one piece bathing suit.

guo jingjing

Guo Jingjing relaxing at the pool

guo jingjing swimsuit

Guo Jingjing jumps gracefully before diving during the women's three-meter springboard final at the "Good Luck Beijing" 16th FINA Diving World Cup on Saturday August 16.

guo jingjing child photo

The typical Guo Jingjing pics with her "show no emotions yet" expression. Congratulations Guo Jingjing!