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Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2008
Liu Zige swims gold for China Olympics 2008

liu zige speedo swimwear

Liu Zige (picture above) just won the women's 200 meters butterfly final at the Beijing Olympics 2008 today. She beat her teammate Jiao Liuyang (picture below).

jiao liuyang

But more important is that both Chinese swimmers beat the former world record: Liu Zige swam a 2:04.18, 1.22 faster than the old world record, and Jiao Liuyang swam a 2:04.72.

Why is everybody so fast?

We can see on the picture that Liu Zige is wearing a Speedo swimsuit, but the main reason for all the records in the water is the pool.

Imagine you jump into a bath: how much waves do you make? A lot!

Now imagine you jump in a pool: how much waves do you make? Much less!

The Chinese Olympic Pool in the WaterCube is even bigger than the pool you just imagined.

The Chinese Olympic Pool is deeper than any Olympic pool before and it has 10 lanes in stead of the usual 8.

This means that there is less water turbulence as usual, hence you can swim faster as there are lesser waves to bother you.

Add to that great swimwear and years of training and you could be the next word record holder ;-)

Congrats Liu Zige and Jiao Liuyang!