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Posted on Tuesday, August 05, 2008

olympic beach volleyball

Have a look at these sexy Olympic beach volleyball swimsuit-clad cheerleaders try out from 12 months ago at Chaoyang Park in Beijing one year ago. You will be able to see the real event in a few days from now! Can't wait...

One world, One dream

And in my case I would add my favourite: one piece swimsuits :-)

Now don't think these one piece bathing suits are oldfashion: have a look at this sexy swimwear from a Chinese Olympics fashion show held in May this year.

The worst of all Olympic swimming trials must go to this one piece swimwear: although very original and colourful on the left, I guess the choice of material is really not flattering the model... Impractical, not aerodynamic and by all means I wonder whether this girl just had a mastectomy of some sort...

olympic swimming trials

At the left a swimsuit using the colors of the 2004 China Olympic swimming team.

olympic swimming

You need some little fishes for the dolphin Olympics? Then use the one piece bathing suit below: if you swim fast enough, I am sure you will be able to catch some little shrimp and other small bait to keep the dolphins happy after performing their stunts ...

dolphin olympics

They must have heard my comments because they quickly added a Dolphin Olympics 2 makeover. A big improvement at the top but the skin-colored bottom... as if you have some extra belly fat hanging out...

dolphin olympics 2

My favourite one piece swimsuit would be this slimming black, well fitted, sophisticated and sexy bathing suit:

olympic swimmers

Can't wait to watch the 2008 Olympic beach volleyball though :-)

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