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Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

phuket airport arrivalsPhuket airport arrivals this year are mostly filled with Japanese tourists I have the impression.

Now that's great as our resort does cater for the Japanese, and I don't mind at all joining our Japanese breakfast buffet :-)

But apart from more Japanese tourists flocking in, it's relatively quite on the Phuket beaches this year.

Not that it has anything to do with the troublesome political news we hear from the capital Bangkok.

Nor has it to do with the tsunami: Patong beach looks as gorgeous as ever:

patong beach

And Hat Patong Road looks as busy as before:

hat patong road

It's more about higher oil prices making it too expensive for travelers to fly into Phuket. We all know that the Japanese have a good currency, so for them Phuket is still manageable.

On top of that Japan has re-launched its Narita–Phuket services.

Since this trend continues, I am taking up Japanese classes in order to accommodate the Japanese travelers even better. It's quite embarrassing only to be able to say "ohiogozaimas" to the Japanese Phuket airport arrivals in the morning...

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