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Posted on Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yoga positions for beginners

If I am not busy, I try every morning to join the yoga positions for beginners session at our resort. It's free for every guest anyway :-)

It's fun, relaxing and one of the biggest benefits of yoga is that it wakes me up to start a great new day!

I have to admit the first time I joined in, the basic yoga poses were quite tiring and I managed to stretch muscles I never felt before... And it is more tiring than I expected for exercises that are done on 1 and the same spot. I mean, we are not running, not even jumping up and down, just stretching and "twisting" our bodies...

If you do yoga in the tropics, make sure you do it on a place in the shade like in the picture. Because even in the morning, it's never a good idea to be in the sun for more than an hour, let alone doing all the yoga exercises.

lululemon yoga clothing

Also make sure to wear special yoga clothing... No need to buy yoga clothing from Lululemon : the most popular Yoga clothing brand that I know of. Just wear something not too warm and not to tight as like I said, you need to stretch in positions you never held possible. And no, they don't practice naked yoga here, so make sure to wear something :-)

lululemon yoga clothes

Remember you are in for an eastern class of yoga to purify and strengthen your physical and spiritual body. You are not there for a western class of showing off the most fashionable commercialised clothes!

Make sure to bring a towel to wipe your face in case you start sweating (I see some people wearing headbands as well). Also don't plan an excursion that would start right after your yoga class, because you would love to take a shower first!

Again lots of Japanese tourists are taking up the yoga positions for beginners session, which means that our yoga instructor explains the moves both in English and Japanese.

Basic yoga poses

basic yoga poses

Don't panic when you can't do the basic yoga pose from the picture above. Remember you are on holiday and just do the yoga session for the fun of it. The instructor will make sure you are warmed up very well and you only stretch as far as you want or can do.

If all this would embarrass you, you can always sit down at the back where nobody will see you :-) But if you are as small as me, you will only sit at the back for 5 minutes and then quickly change position to the front row in order to see clearly how the instructor is performing his basic yoga poses. Nobody will be really paying attention to you unless some male tourists who are looking for a date ...

If you want to experience the true spirit of Asian, in stead of going to those cultural show with dingdong bells, sign up for a yoga positions for beginners session!

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