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Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008

phuket girls

As you can see, that's me shopping on the streets in Phuket today. Look at the girl in the foreground: she is just sitting there stiff bored gazing at me hoping I would come back to here shop in order to buy a postcard.

Well, having friends with digital cameras don't ask for lots of postcards to buy anyway...

Nevertheless I bought a few, since we are all in the same both here in Phuket, Thailand: just not enough tourists to make a decent income these days.

As you can see: I am blogging away like nobody's business today as well... If you can't make money from tips from customers, then you need to find other ways to make ends meet :-)

If you want to meet me in Phuket, why don't you book a flight right now. There are lots and lots of last minutes bargains for grabs since lots of tourists have cancelled their vacation to Thailand last few days.

So grab a cheap last minute ticket and fly all the way to Phuket Thailand were we are all eager to cater for you!