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Posted on Sunday, September 14, 2008

phuket airtportPhuket airport seems to be running smooth again after it was closed last Friday.

Anti-government protests in Thailand forced the closure of three airports in the south, including our Phuket airport.

phuket beaches

All a far cry away from the beauty
you normally experience on the Phuket beaches...

Some Australian tourists even got airlifted with a chartered Jet to Sydney, price-tag of this Phuket flight: $618,352... Jetstar has agreed to reimburse travelers for their additional accommodation expenses and costs while they were stuck in Thailand.

You can't imagine the amount of work we had to cater to the stranded Phuket tourists, but on the other hand, there wasn't fresh support of tourists as there were no possible Phuket airport arrivals either. All in all lots of unscheduled work, but that's the fun of working in the tourist industry :-)

Now Phuket flights are all going smooth again and here and there still some stranded and delayed tourists who ask some extra attention, but hey, that's why we are here :-)

Nothing better than to offer free Phuket massages to relax hot tempered stranded tourists, free drinks from the house and whatever else that's free without costing the traffic industry a bomb...

phuket massage

Anyway, most of the stranded tourists don't feel too bad needing to spend some extra days on vacation in Thailand, don't know whether the Phuket massage girls are thinking the same :-)

phuket massage girls

But let's face it: here in Phuket we are still feeling the slowdown due to the tsunami, and now for some stupid political haggling in the Thai capital of Bangkok, the simple people as usual are the ones who suffer: its hard to make an income when there aren't tourists coming in from Phuket airport.

So if you are planning your holidays still, let me re-assure you that in Phuket all is calm and quite as usual... You can still "get nailed" by the Phuket girls like so:

phuket girls

... nailed by one of the many Phuket girls ...

Which is still the biggest "violence" we have seen here in Phuket :-)

Anyway, what happens in Phuket with the Phuket girls and the whole wild and unforgettable Phuket romantic experience stays in Phuket...

... Leave it all behind the moment you board your flight back home, just hope Phuket Airport keeps open!

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