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Posted on Friday, October 31, 2008

asian bikini dance

Are you fed up looking at this animated Asian bikini dance? Do you want to meet Asian girls in real life?

Then meet these 2 gorgeous Asian dating personals Lalaine and Katie:

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Their 2 latest Filipino female penfriends:

gorgeouslalaine and katie87

If you live in the US and you only want to date Christians, then Filipino dating is ideal: Asian singles in the Philippines are brought up in a Catholic way and Filipinos are known for wanting to spend time of their live abroad.

And... apart from the swimsuit, they are gorgeous as well: even more gorgeous than this Filipino bikini model I find ... But just admit, this swimsuit completely caters for the US :-)

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Hurry, you never know who is dating gorgeouslalaine and katie87 already... let alone who is doing an Asian bikini dance with them?