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Posted on Thursday, November 06, 2008

how to drape a saree

Nothing more easy than putting a T-shirt over your bikini. Nothing more sexy and fashionable than wearing a saree over your swimwear.

Much more sexy indeed compared to the western beach girls I see here in Bali wearing a towel around their body as if they just came out of a shower...

Let's explain how to drape a saree with the above T-shirt, how convenient :-)

More in detail you can see how to drape a saree below:

how to drape a saree

As you can see in design 11, you can cover your complete top, or you can show of your low cut blouse or bikini as in the picture below.

saree low cut blouse

Notice how her saree is nicely tucked into her bikini bottom in the middle yet stylishly covered with the saree.

Tips on how to drape a saree

  • Always start wearing your saree by tucking its plain/upper end into your bikini bottom, at a position which is a little bit to the right of the navel.

  • Make sure the lower end of the saree touches the floor and that the whole length of the saree comes on the left-hand side. Then wrap the saree around yourself once so it comes back in the front on your right side.

  • Choose the colour of your blouse complementing your saree.

    • Fair complexion women should wear dark colour saree so that they may look beautiful and attractive.

    • Logically: dark complexion women should wear a light colour saree so that they may look more beautiful and attractive. Of course if everybody follows these fashion rules, thing will look boring, so go as you feel :-)

  • Do wear a tight-fitting low cut blouse or bikini under your saree! Otherwise a little water on the beach could let you end up like in the picture below from Raj Kapoor’s 1985 movie featuring actress Mandakini in a white wet saree.
    wet saree actress
    You have 1001 possibilities when wearing a blouse under a saree: short sleeved or sleeveless and a variety of necklines. Just make sure the blouse ends just below your bust.

How to drape a saree according to your size

  • Shorter women should wear a saree with small or no borders. Once draped, the lining on the saree should appear horizontal to the earth so that you look taller.

  • Longer women should wear sarees with big borders. Once draped, if there is any lining, it should appear parallel to the earth.

Visit saree strips shots for a more detailed explanation and more examples of how to drape a saree.

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