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Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008


One of the hottest Thai singles of today is undoubtedly Janesuda Parnto or Jane as she is currently known on Thailand's MTV.

janesuda parnto

Janesuda Parnto: My favorite VJ on Thailand's MTV

Janesuda Parnto is no plain Jane :-)

She is a Thai actress born September 14, 1982 and got more fame when she appeared modeling bikinis and swimsuits in Thai magazines:

janesuda bikini

Janesuda is single and now with Thailand all but tourist friendly, it's good to know Janesuda's travels abroad a lot to foreign modeling agencies, so maybe you could meet her one day... dream on!

janesuda sexy

But if you can't travel to Thailand or you don't feel about further Thailand holidays as long as the political problems are solved, you can still visit Thai dating sites. I for one will keep on working in Bali at least until February 2009 before they will consider sending me back to Phi Phi Don Thailand.

How to find Thai dating sites

To find Thai dating sites, just Google for dating websites with Thai or Asian women and you should be able to make friends in no time.

Just remember that Thai single girls could look like Asian babes but babes like Janesuda come with brains and strong personalities.

janesuda in bikini

Dream on if you're still looking for obedient Asian brides... well, me for one is very obedient, but not to everybody :-)

Do you agree that Janesuda Parnto is the hottest of all Thai singles? If not, please leave a comment who your favorite single Thai is.

P.s.: I am as single as Janesuda but I am not Thai :-)

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