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Posted on Wednesday, December 03, 2008

panward hemmanee

Panward Hemmanee in bikini is starring in Bangkok Dangerous next to Nicolas cage.

For those wanting to travel to Thailand, maybe there is a light in the tunnel as Thai law has pronounced the Thai government as illegal.

How that exactly works, you should ask the Thai...

All I know is that my work in Phuket and Phi Phi Island has been interrupted big time due to this new Thai government that's so not at all liked by the Thai people. Thai protesters have been occupying Thailand Bangkok airport for days in a row now.

All in all, this means Thai tourism industry has been enduring losses for months already. Due to the recent occupation of the Thai airport the loss in revenue of the Thai tourism industry is only going from bad to worse.

So for some good news about Thailand; it's still as beautiful a country as ever with peaceful people (as you can see: no too much violence during all the protests and demonstrations in Thailand) and Thai girls are as pretty as ever.

Your best chance to visit Thailand these days is taking an airplane to Kuala Lumpur and then drive all the way up to Thailand.

If you don't feel for such a long journey, then visit Thailand to our Panward Hemmanee pictures :-)

Panward Hemmanee Bio

panward hemmanee sex

  • Panward Hemmanee sex : female

  • Panward Hemmanee age : 24 (born 1983-11-11)

  • Panward Hemmanee nationality : Thai

Panward Hemmanee is a Thai model and actress, nicknamed "Poei" or "Pei" in Thailand.

Thanks to her sexy appearances in magazines like Maxim, FHM, and Mars, Panward's popularity is on the rise.

So much that this year she was given a role in the movie, Bangkok Dangerous, where she played alongside Nicholas Cage. The movie is about a cold-blooded hit man heading to Bangkok to pull off four jobs. Meanwhile he falls in love with a local girl and bonds with his errand boy.

Some very stereotypical portraying of Thailand and even assuming anybody can go there to kill 4 people. As if the Thai tourist industry isn't damaged enough already, do we really need this Nicolas cage and Panward Hemmanee crap?

How dangerous Bangkok is these days due to the political instability we don't know.

panward hemmanee night club videos

Most likely the movie 'Dangerous Bangkok' comes closest to Panward's recent Bangkok bar appearances: she can be seen in some Panward Hemmanee nightclub videos like above and below where the paparazzi couldn't resist to take...

panward hemmanee tits

... a close up of Panward Hemmanee tits all strapped tightly together.

According to the gossip magazine TV Inside, Pei was doing some wild dancing at a Bangkok night club showing too much cheek driving all the "old goats" in the club crazy.

Anyway, we all know that some old goats and other farangs love to come to Thailand, so why not Thailand, visit the decent Bangkok nightclubs and try to enjoy Panward Hemmanee's free night club performances.

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