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Posted on Monday, May 04, 2009

hatha yoga teacher training

If you need some extra income in 2009 and you are a hatha yoga fanatic like me, then consider going for a hatha yoga teacher training program. You learn more about yoga, get certified during the proces and end up earning money teaching others yoga poses in stead of doing it on your own.

I know you can take 200 hours hatha yoga teacher training courses in Thailand. But we all know since the Thai government is changing like we change our underwear, Thailand is not really an option. I know because I am still stationed in Bali this new year...

What's hatha yoga teacher training all about?

Yoga teacher training usually consists out of courses in between 200 and 500 hours to give the new teacher knowledge,

skills, and confidence:

  • about movements, breathing, sounds, concentration, meditation and prayer

  • to begin teaching hatha yoga safely, mindfully and profitably.

As you can see: it's a bit more than just learning how to teach a particular asana exercise or pose :-)

Amazingly but true, there even exist home study hatha yoga teacher training programs! But since part of the course is to have confidence interacting with yoga students, make sure you choose a course that has some way of interaction between teachers and students.

Why hatha yoga?

Of course you need to go for the yoga style your prefer: gaiam yoga, kripalu yoga, bikram yoga or namaste yoga...

It just happens that the first time I did yoga, I found out it was hatha yoga. Not surprisingly, as hatha yoga is one of the most common yoga styles taught in the USA.

How to know you enroll in a good hatha yoga teacher training?

As usual, do your homework :-) Google is a great place to find out what others have experienced in their yoga teacher certification.

Ask around whether the 3 topics listed above are part of the yoga teacher course you want to enroll in. Make sure you learn about how to manage your own yoga school if you don't want to be a yoga instructor like the one we have in our resorts.

How to fool the locals?

If you want to have some extra income fast, you could sign up for those weekend yoga training courses, but in the end you will be fooling yourself because bad karma attracts bad karma!

And don't fool yourself too much either: use good yoga mats or pilates mats. I started off using a thick carpet, but I do feel the difference since I am carrying my own real yoga mat with me :-)

Hatha yoga teacher training summarized

If you are into yoga and you love to teach, then consider following a hatha yoga teacher training course to earn some extra income in these gloomy economical days.

If you never did any yoga before, get youself a power yoga dvd. Or tune in on the Health Channel as they have a daily broadcast of namaste yoga (except for during the weekends, when working people do have the time to do some exercises in the morning...).

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