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Posted on Saturday, January 10, 2009

zhang ziyi topless

Paparazzi shot this super hot picture of Zhang Ziyi topless bathing at a private beach on the Caribbean island of St. Barts with her fiancé: Israeli investor Viv Nevo.

Zhang Ziyi beach pictures

zhang ziyi beach pictures

There are over 80 Zhang Ziyi beach pictures, some blurry Zhang Ziyi topless bikini pictures, some intimate and some kind of funny pics where Zhang Ziyi is kind of practicing beach yoga scene:

zhang ziyi scene

" :-) Yoga instructor Zhang Ziyi doing a bridge :-) "

Zhang Ziyi bio

Zhang Ziyi is a very popular Chinese actress and was recently named as China’s most beautiful person in 2008 by The Beijing News.

She became internationally known after starring in Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Ang Lee first had famous Taiwanese actress Shu Qi in mind, but after seeing Zhang Ziyi performing in The Road Home, he cast her instead.

Zhang Ziyi was born February 9th, 1980 in Beijing, China. Her father is an economist father and her mother a kindergarten teacher.

Zhang was originally interested in dance and gymnastics. She entered into the dance world at the age of 11 after being accepted to a secondary school affiliated with Beijing Dancing College.

However at the age of 15, Zhang Ziyi opted to act instead of dancing for the rest of her life. She combined both passions gracefully playing a blind dancer in the my favorite movie "House of Flying Daggers":

zhang ziyi dancing

Although the story of House of Flying Dragons is far more simple than the one in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Dragons excels in stunning images and colors that even national geographic can't portray in their nature documentaries.

What's so special about the Zhang Ziyi topless bikini pictures?

zhang ziyi omega watchesZhang Ziyi is chosen by Omega as one of their brand ambassadors to portray their stylish watches. She is selected for the values she shares with Omega:

  • credibility,

  • achievement and

  • pioneering spirit

Zhang's credibility is at stake here. One would think that Zhang Ziyi portrayed refined sensuality by letting a stand in doing her naked scenes in another fabulous movie: The Banquet (fabulous because after seeing the movie a few times, I still don't understand the Zhang Ziyi's end scene... go and see for yourself, as I don't want to spoil it for you!).

zhang ziyi naked

Above a scene of what is supposed to be Zhang Ziyi naked in the movie The Banquet. Although not too revealing, this scene is played by Zhang Ziyi's double: Shao Xiao Shan.

Below a similar to "The Banquet" scene taken out of 1 of the 80 Zhang Ziyi bikini photos:

zhang ziyi naked beach

Zhang Ziyi's "Omega" credibility becomes a question when

  • she doesn't want to expose herself naked like in the "The Banquet" scene above, but...

    or do we have to say: butt

  • she exposes herself in a very similar Zhang Ziyi topless scene with added in some un-tasteful butt squeezing of her boyfriend ...

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