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Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2009

rihanna bikini wallpaper

Enjoy lots of stunning bikini pictures of Rihanna in Mexico from GQ Magazine and download our sexy Rihanna bikini wallpaper below.

Rihanna bikini gallery

rihanna in mexico

rihanna bikini gallery

You can admire these Rihanna bikini shoots in full size in the February
issue of GQ Magazine. No need to fly all the way to Mexico if you are happy
with our tiny Rihanna bikini gallery:

rihanna bikini shoots

Although having straps is the ideal way to make sure your triangle bikini
gives you all the support you want, Rihanna has strapped her boobs in a bit
to high...

rihanna bikini pics

Luckily there's also a view from behind in the list of Rihanna bikini pics,
just to show how you can adjust the straps of a triangle bikini.

rihanna in bikini

A much better dressed Rihanna in Bikini in Barbados in August 2008 wearing
a bralette bikini : an update to the traditional bra. Still you have over-the-shoulder
straps that you can adjust for a comfortable fit. A bralette bikini gives you
great support for a small or medium bust.

Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, model and fashion designer. She also serves
as the cultural ambassador for the island of Barbados. Now you know :-)

rihanna bikini

Rihanna's white bikini in Mexican GQ magazine is a halter bikini. It has
either tied straps or hooks behind the neck and a back closure. Halter bikinis
offers maximum support for a full bust.

Rihanna ina bikini

The paparazzi shot this Rihanna in a bikini picture right after she came
out of the swimming pool from her accommodation in Mexico. Now she is wearing
a bandeau bikini : a strapless style of bikini that ties or fastens in the back.
Detachable straps could add extra support.

Rihanna bikini wallpaper

rihanna bikini wallpaper

Click the picture to download our 1024x768 (69Kb) Rihanna Bikini Wallpaper
taken from Rihanna in Mexico GQ Magazine February 2009.

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Posted on Monday, February 09, 2009

beverly mitchel in a bikini

Enjoy lots of cleavage in our pictures of Beverly Mitchell in a bikini and almost topless. Find out all you want to know about her in the FAQ's.

Beverly is wearing a triangle bikini : a revealing bikini style with triangle-shaped pieces that tie around her neck and back. An adjustable string underneath the bikini top adds extra support.

Beverly Mitchell Biography

Actor Beverly Mitchell was born January 22, 1981 in Arcadia, California, USA as Beverly Anne Mitchell.

Although minor in height: 5 foot and 2 inches, she has a major in films from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles (majored in Film).

She became famous playing Reverend Lucy Camden-Kinkirk on the TV Series 7th Heaven. Beverly Mitchell also made a country album named after her. No wonder it's a country album as her favorite music artists are Sublime, 'N SYNC, Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain and Blink 182.

List of FAQ's about Beverly

Is Beverly Mitchell older than Jessica Biel?

Yes she is! Although Mitchell plays Jessica Biel's younger sister on 7th Heaven, she is in fact almost 1 year older than Jessica Biel. Jessica was born March 3, 1982.

Beverly Mitchell topless

beverly mitchell topless

Above the closest the paparazzi got to a Beverly Mitchell topless picture. Always be aware when people are watching you from above!

Is Beverly Mitchell pregnant?

No she isn't ad being so busy at the moment, she most likely doesn't have babies on her mind. But she played being pregnant as Lucy in 7th Heaven.

Who is Beverly Mitchell married to?

She married accountant Michael Cameron on October 1, 2008 in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

Do we have more pictures of Beverly Mitchell in a bikini?

In fact we do showing her bikini top and bottom.

beverly mitchell bikini

Beverly Mitchell in a bikini

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Posted on Sunday, February 08, 2009

jennifer figge

Jennifer Figge is the first woman to swim across the Atlantic!

jennifer figge route56 year old Jennifer Figge jumped in the Ocean from the Cape Verde Islands off Africa's western coast on January 12. The next time she set food on land was in Trinidad on February 5.

Jennifer Figge misses her target by 1000 miles

Jennifer originally planned to swim all the way to the Bahamas, but strong winds got her 1.000 miles or about 1600 kilometers off course to set foot on one of the marvellous beaches of Trinidad.

Imagine strong winds to make waves from up to 30 feet or about 10 meters, and you can imagine why Jennifer Figge never reached the Bahamas.

Jennifer Figge plans to continue

... for another 3 weeks. Just arrived in Trinidad, Jennifer announced she wants to continue swimming from Trinidad to the British Virgin Islands. She hopes to set foot on the Virgin Islands before March. Jennifer will leave Trinidad on Monday night.

How to swim across the ocean?

Don't try this at home... And don't stay in the water 24 hours a day.

Jennifer prepared herself for her odyssey in Aspen, Colorado. There she trained for months in an outdoor swimming pool amid snowy blizzards.

Figge swam up to eight hours a day inside a cage to protect her from marine predators. Her longest stint in the water was about eight hours, and her shortest was 21 minutes.

Overnight she rested on the sail-boat accompanying her.

As Figge stroked through the chilly Atlantic waters, her family, friends and dog swirled in her thoughts. Jennifer encountered anything but sharkes: a pod of pilot whales, several turtles, dozens of dolphins and plenty of Portuguese man-of-war.

Where did Jennifer Figge get her energy?

jennifer figge swimsuit

Figge woke most days around 7 a.m., eating pasta and baked potatoes.

Crew members would throw bottles of energy drinks as she swam. When the seas were too rough, divers would deliver them in person.

At night Jennifer ate meat, fish and peanut butter in order to replenish the estimated 8,000 calories she burned during the day.

Figge's swimwear was a red cap, a wet suit and a good-luck charm underneath: an old, red shirt to guard against chafing, signed by friends, relatives and her father, who recently died.

jennifer figge swimming

Jennifer Figge swimming from Cape Verde Africa to Trinidad America

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