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Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2009

rihanna bikini wallpaper

Enjoy lots of stunning bikini pictures of Rihanna in Mexico from GQ Magazine and download our sexy Rihanna bikini wallpaper below.

Rihanna bikini gallery

rihanna in mexico

rihanna bikini gallery

You can admire these Rihanna bikini shoots in full size in the February
issue of GQ Magazine. No need to fly all the way to Mexico if you are happy
with our tiny Rihanna bikini gallery:

rihanna bikini shoots

Although having straps is the ideal way to make sure your triangle bikini
gives you all the support you want, Rihanna has strapped her boobs in a bit
to high...

rihanna bikini pics

Luckily there's also a view from behind in the list of Rihanna bikini pics,
just to show how you can adjust the straps of a triangle bikini.

rihanna in bikini

A much better dressed Rihanna in Bikini in Barbados in August 2008 wearing
a bralette bikini : an update to the traditional bra. Still you have over-the-shoulder
straps that you can adjust for a comfortable fit. A bralette bikini gives you
great support for a small or medium bust.

Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, model and fashion designer. She also serves
as the cultural ambassador for the island of Barbados. Now you know :-)

rihanna bikini

Rihanna's white bikini in Mexican GQ magazine is a halter bikini. It has
either tied straps or hooks behind the neck and a back closure. Halter bikinis
offers maximum support for a full bust.

Rihanna ina bikini

The paparazzi shot this Rihanna in a bikini picture right after she came
out of the swimming pool from her accommodation in Mexico. Now she is wearing
a bandeau bikini : a strapless style of bikini that ties or fastens in the back.
Detachable straps could add extra support.

Rihanna bikini wallpaper

rihanna bikini wallpaper

Click the picture to download our 1024x768 (69Kb) Rihanna Bikini Wallpaper
taken from Rihanna in Mexico GQ Magazine February 2009.

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