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Posted on Saturday, May 02, 2009

Leave your comment: is this Afghan hot or not?

"Meet me at hot or not President Hamid Karzai in stead of denouncing I appeared “half naked” ..."

That's what S. B. must have been thinking when she wore a bikini at the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Manila in 2005...

Or is it that only President Hamid Karzai can use tax payers money in order to perform his daily personal fashion show: his clothes can be fashionable, but what is he doing for the clothes of all Afghan women that are not living in his vicinity?

And how does Hamid Karzai expect Afghan women earn some pocket money?

S. B. was the first Afghan woman to compete in an international beauty competition (Miss Earth, Manila, Philippines) in three years and sparked controversy in her native Islamic country.

Of course there is no controversy whatsoever when women in Afghanistan are not even allowed to go to school, let alone to get educated.

But goodness me when one Afghan woman get's spotted in a bikini...

Afghan hot or not? Very hot and they could show also to be very intelligent if only they were allowed to enroll themselves in schools.