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Posted on Sunday, March 15, 2009


Enjoy hot, smart and sexy country singer Gretchen Wilson in a bikini promoting her single California Girls from her ZZtop sounding album All Jacked Up.

Actually the song is all about how proud you can be when you find a bikini girl that's far different than the California bikini girls the Beach Boys where singing about ages ago.

Grethcen Wilson Bikini

Another Beach Boys inspired Gretchen Wilson bikini pic

Did you know that Gretchen Wilson recently managed to get her degree at 30 something, after she dropped out of school when she was a teen?

You can imagine that this self proclaimed red neck girl has much more to offer than just a mere Gretchen Wilson in a bikini picture. Her country songs are so great that they don't need any sexy Gretchen Wilson pics to sell.

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