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Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2009

jeri ryan bikini photos

Enjoy lots of sexy Jeri Ryan bikini photos in our huge Jeri Ryan picture gallery below.

how tall is jeri ryanHow tall is Jeri Ryan?

Answering correctly how tall is Jeri Ryan would need us to look in her medical records. On the Internet Jeri Ryan is between 5'7'' and 5'8' tall (170-173cm).

Having a slim body, a huge top and wearing a high cut one piece bathing suit like in the picture on the right, Jeri Ryan looks even taller than she is.

Especially when wearing high heals like in the Star Treck series where she was at least as tall as all the male casts:

jery rian image

Jeri Ryan image looking tall in high heals in Star Treck Voyager

Jeri Ryan Star Treck

jeri ryan star treck
Jeri Ryan got famous in Star Treck Voyager playing sexy cyborg Seven of Nine. Sexy because she is only wearing a catsuit that's made specially fit over her body. No need for a real Jeri Ryan cthru but leaving not too much to the viewer's imagination either.

Before she already earned some fame as Miss Bikini in the USA, although being born in Germany.
Get the Jeri Ryan Star Treck picture above as a download in one of these Jeri Ryan Free Wallpapers.

Jeri Ryan Seethru

Jeri Ryan Seethru

A real Jeri Ryan seethru although personally I prefer her Star Track catsuit: especially the cuts are much more working on a person's imagination than the above or below cthru:

jeri ryan cthru

Jeri Ryan Cthru

What is Jeri Ryan breast size?

what is jeri ryan breast size

For those who want to know what is Jeri Ryan's breast size: it's 36 D seen on the cover of Bikini magazine in yet another seethru.

For those of you who ever think about breast enhancement or plastic surgery: just look at Jeri's breasts in the first Star Treck picture. The way the top of the catsuit is fashioned, lets you imagine this woman has much bigger boobs than a 36D.

Try to change your style of clothing before heading straight to the plastic surgeons!

Jeri Ryan Bio

  • Jeri Ryan born in 1968 as Jeri Lynn Zimmermann in Germany
  • Jeri moves to US as a child in Kentucky where her father retires on a military pension
  • She graduates from Lone Oak High School in Paducah in 1986 and enrolls in Northwestern University, where she gets B.A. in Theater in 1990
  • While being at the college, she gets various titles, after entering different competitions and features in a swimsuit contest
  • In 1989, Jeri Ryan becomes Miss Illinois
  • In 1990 she enters the competition Miss America pageant, where she wins the swimming suit contest and occupies the third place at the final stage
  • At school Jeri Jeri Ryan wins a National Merit Scholar
  • jeri ryan pregnantAfter graduation, she plunges into her acting career and many TV appearances follow
  • Jeri is the happy mother of 2 children

Jeri Ryan in bikini, swimsuit and topless

jeri ryan in bikini

Jeri Ryan in bikini, wearing a revealing style triangle bikini with triangle-shaped pieces that tie around her neck and back.

jeri ryan one piece swimsuit

Jeri Ryan wearing a one-piece bathing suit.

jri ryan topless

Of course we need to add the above Jeri Ryan topless picture to make her sexy photo gallery complete :-)

jeri ryan hot

Jeri Ryan hot in another one piece bathing suit and...

jeri ryan in bathing suit

... the last picture of our series of Jeri Ryan in bathing suit.

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