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Posted on Monday, June 15, 2009

malaysia bikini

Although the above picture shows very sexy girls in Malaysia wearing bikinis, you can equally spot Malaysian women dressed from top to bottom on the beaches in Malaysia. There are 2 reasons why:

  1. Muslim tradition and

  2. hot tropical weather.

1. Malay Muslim tradition

malay bikini

The above Malay bikini girl's mothers started wearing bikinis and swimsuits on the beach after they got introduced in the movies of the 80s.

julia rais swimsuit

Malaysian female top artists like Julia Rais started wearing a high cut one piece swimsuit in a local Malaysian movie. Other movies showing artists in swimwear soon followed like in Harry Boy, Boss and Driving School.

sofea jane bikini

A bit later we not only saw Sofea Jane horse-riding in a one piece swimsuit, but also strutting her stuff in a bikini in a beach scene.

malay swimwear

Although lots of Malaysian women do wear bikinis, equally a lot of women don't dress down at the beach. Like we saw this Malay girl still wearing her veil swimming in the water of a Malacca beach.

muslim swimsuit

To be a bit more stylish, you can even buy fully covering "Muslim swimsuits".

2. The hot sun

bikini dress

Most Malaysian women will wear a dress or a T-shirt over their bikini or bathing suit, simply to be protected against the hot sun.

Even after applying sunscreen of 30 SPF and more: just staying too long in the sunshine will get you a terrible sunburn. Especially when swimming in the sea, when you love snorkeling: do wear a T-shirt and long shorts or a wet suit if you have one.

Nothing worse than being sunburned after a lovely day of snorkeling and admiring tropical fishes. Although Aloe Vera gel is very soothing, better prevent from looking like a lobster by wearing extra clothes!

Yes you can wear a bikini in Malaysia at the beach (please don't stroll into a shopping complex wearing your bikini...), but we do recommend to expose your skin is little as possible to the hot tropical sun!

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