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Posted on Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This is a guest post by Pamela Levenson. Pamela is the owner and designer of Popina Swimwear, Portland's only designer of Fun, Flattering & Fashionable Retro Swimwear. Browse around in her online Popina Swim Boutique for swimsuits using today’s fabric innovations styled on the 40's and 50's.

Retro Swimsuits by Jantzen are on the way to the Portland Swimwear Boutique Popina Swim.

Jantzen is the innovator of swimwear and used to have their headquarters in Portland, Oregon. A couple years ago Jantzen moved their operations from Portland to Miami when they were purchased by Perry Ellis.

Alas, not a Portland company any longer but the good news is that since Perry Ellis purchased Jantzen there has been some reinvigoration of the Jantzen brand:

Jantzen has looked back to their roots and their innovation of the past to reinvent retro.

Earlier this week we placed an order for the Jantzen Vamp suit shown below:

Jantzen Vamp Suit

A picture can say 1,000 words, but as you can see Jantzen does get it:

  • not only a great retro flavored suit with all the stylings such as a modified privacy panel and the classic strapless look, but also

  • a great piece of art work with the contracting colors and the vintage boat.

Although Jantzen isn't manufacturing Swimwear in Portland any longer, Popina is very excited to bring Jantzen Swimwear back to Oregon and are proud to offer Portland's largest selection of Women's Swimwear.

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