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Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

desperate housewives bikini

Me and my girlfriend love the show "Desperate housewives" as we do see some similarities between the characters and ourselves. So we call ourselves Desperate Housewives II.

Both of us having been stuck at home looking after kids and juggling a career at the same time decided that we should plan a vacation together when we turn 50.

Yes, the big 5... We wanted some time away from spouses and kids just to reminisce on the good old days, just basically relax and enjoy ourselves.

Been beach bums it has to be a seaside vacation and after setting down on where to go, the next most important thing would be to look for swimwear.

Our bathing suits had both seen better times and to say it is a little old fashion was an understatement.

We wanted something trendy so we scoured around in magazines looking at what swimsuits celebrities were wearing and what was hot for the summer.

In the end we settled on 3 pieces of new swimwear each. Enough for our 2 week vacation in the Bahamas! We had a blast on our holiday. Most of our time was spent lounging in the sun and on the beach sipping margaritas and lemonade with the occasional swim in the pool or sea.

The most important thing was that we wanted to still look and feel good at 50 and we managed to do that. The pictures that we took were proof of that!

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2009

nuestra belleza latina

Enjoy the 12 bikini clad finalists of Nuestra Belleza Latina together, as the winner Greidys Gil on her own won't attract much points for bikini beauty...

ganadora de nuestra belleza latina 2009

Ganadora de Nuestra Belleza Latina 2009 : Winner Greidys Gil

Nuestra Belleza Latina (Our Latin Beauty) is a beauty contest cum reality-TV show: with a voting system like American idol and mansion based reality TV like Tyra Bank's America's next top model.

13 Latina babes move into a Miami mansion were they will be living together for the rest of the competition.

Each week viewers vote for their favorite finalists and the bottom three Latina women will be in danger of being eliminated. 2 of 3 women in the bottom three can be saved: one by her fellow finalists, and the other by the judges.

So far for the theory, now some controversy: TV Chismes already announced Greidys Gil as the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina hours before the show needed to go on air.

It seems that the winners are chosen to be politically correct in the Latina world: in 2007 Mexico won, in 2008 second majority country Puerto Rico and now Cuba. If it's all about country's population, next year Colombia should win.

To be completely politically correct I would say: all Latina girls should be the winners of Nuestra Belleza Latina, problem solved :-)

Posted on Friday, May 08, 2009

green floral chiffon ruffle bare shoulder top

Summer is just round the corner and of course girls being girls we all need some new clothes to wear or if you are looking to buy some clothes for your daughters or friends, the best place to look for good quality clothing is online.

One of the best sites to look for summer clothing is at Amiclubwear where you will find a whole range of the latest summer dress and other ensemble like skirts, shorts, pants and sweater.

For going to the beach resort there are countless choices of swimsuit both one-piece and two-piece. You can also look for the required accessories to go with your chosen outfits for example belt, halt, earrings, sunglasses and watches.

This summer we will be having a beach party with close family and friends to celebrate the birthday of my sister who is going to turn sweet 16.

So for this event I have chosen to buy from Amiclubwear a green floral chiffon ruffle bare shoulder top that I think will be perfect for the event – its stylish, comfortable and most of all I think it is sexy not too over the top kind of dress that fits the occasion and also my own personal style.

Posted on Thursday, May 07, 2009

yoga pretzel cards

If you love yoga positions like me and you have a memory like a sieve like I do, then these 50 yoga pretzel cards come to the rescue!

50 yoga pretzel cards show 50 different yoga positions for kids and grownups. Ideal for yourself and they can be used as a great way to spend quality time with your children.

I mean: why should you wait until you are an adult having earned enough money to visit a spa resort or yoga retreat and only then say: eh, yoga is great for my body and soul?

Well, if you are like me, then yoga is only something I started picking up because of the free sessions offered in the spa resorts I work in. Money was an issue and having free yoga instructors available surely made me sign up on the spot. But you can practice yoga for free!

Tied up in knots yoga pretzel cards

tied up in knots yoga pretzel cards

Some of these cards really tie you up in a knot, so make sure you do warming up exercises before doing any of the yoga positions shown.

When using yoga cards you are basically your own yoga teacher learning yoga and meditation. The advantage of these cards is that you can practice yoga in the comfort of your house, not being bothered by having or not having the right yoga clothes or yoga equipment.

These Yoga pretzel cards show yoga positions for beginners and more experienced. The cards are divided in 9 different categories to help you practice your stretching, bending, breathing and relaxing during your yoga training.

yoga pretzel cards

Depending on the set you buy, the yoga pretzel cards include a Mr. Pretzel "bendo" toy with his own yoga mat. It's great to use this yoga doll in order to practice new yoga poses from the 50 cards.

It beats bending the yoga toy the wrong way first in stead of straining muscles doing first time yoga stretches yourself the wrong way.

So if you have kids that need some action or you have a bad memory like me and don't feel like paying lots of money for yoga teachers and yoga equipment, start simple with these fun Yoga pretzel cards :-)

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Posted on Monday, May 04, 2009

kristin davis yoga

Kristin Davis enjoys yoga so much that her abdomen is to die for. (Reminds me on Gwen Stefani's abdomen...)

Just to show you a well known example of Sex and the City Kristen Davis doing yoga to keep her body and mind in shape. (OK, business woman as she is, Kristin Davis has her own yoga studio: Yogasana in Brooklyn, helping its students to find equilibrium in their lives through a meditative and disciplined physical practice of yoga : telephone: 718-789-7255).

The main thing to remember when doing yoga is doing warm up exercises! After knowing how to warm up, yoga is your ideal exercise to do in the comfort of your house.

Again, you don't need any sophisticated clothes nor sportgear to practice yoga. A yoga mat is practical but my thick carpet at home does the trick as well. And as you can see in the picture of our previous Yoga positions for beginners post, some yoga exercises are done without a mat.

Why yoga? Because it's not only good for your body, but for your spirits as well! If you learn anything about traditional Asian culture it should be how we connect our body and souls to that of our ancestors and the world around us. Yoga results not only in a stronger, more flexible body but also in a calmer nervous system, a quieter mind, and a connection to one's true nature.

For those coming to Phuket for the Phuket girls, nightlife and massages, yoga also improves your sex life! Not only because you can twist and turn your body in positions you never imagined before, but again because your spirit will be more grounded to what you are doing...

kristin davis yoga

And the Kristin Davis yoga abs are really a welcomed extra!

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Posted on Monday, May 04, 2009

hatha yoga teacher training

If you need some extra income in 2009 and you are a hatha yoga fanatic like me, then consider going for a hatha yoga teacher training program. You learn more about yoga, get certified during the proces and end up earning money teaching others yoga poses in stead of doing it on your own.

I know you can take 200 hours hatha yoga teacher training courses in Thailand. But we all know since the Thai government is changing like we change our underwear, Thailand is not really an option. I know because I am still stationed in Bali this new year...

What's hatha yoga teacher training all about?

Yoga teacher training usually consists out of courses in between 200 and 500 hours to give the new teacher knowledge,

skills, and confidence:

  • about movements, breathing, sounds, concentration, meditation and prayer

  • to begin teaching hatha yoga safely, mindfully and profitably.

As you can see: it's a bit more than just learning how to teach a particular asana exercise or pose :-)

Amazingly but true, there even exist home study hatha yoga teacher training programs! But since part of the course is to have confidence interacting with yoga students, make sure you choose a course that has some way of interaction between teachers and students.

Why hatha yoga?

Of course you need to go for the yoga style your prefer: gaiam yoga, kripalu yoga, bikram yoga or namaste yoga...

It just happens that the first time I did yoga, I found out it was hatha yoga. Not surprisingly, as hatha yoga is one of the most common yoga styles taught in the USA.

How to know you enroll in a good hatha yoga teacher training?

As usual, do your homework :-) Google is a great place to find out what others have experienced in their yoga teacher certification.

Ask around whether the 3 topics listed above are part of the yoga teacher course you want to enroll in. Make sure you learn about how to manage your own yoga school if you don't want to be a yoga instructor like the one we have in our resorts.

How to fool the locals?

If you want to have some extra income fast, you could sign up for those weekend yoga training courses, but in the end you will be fooling yourself because bad karma attracts bad karma!

And don't fool yourself too much either: use good yoga mats or pilates mats. I started off using a thick carpet, but I do feel the difference since I am carrying my own real yoga mat with me :-)

Hatha yoga teacher training summarized

If you are into yoga and you love to teach, then consider following a hatha yoga teacher training course to earn some extra income in these gloomy economical days.

If you never did any yoga before, get youself a power yoga dvd. Or tune in on the Health Channel as they have a daily broadcast of namaste yoga (except for during the weekends, when working people do have the time to do some exercises in the morning...).

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Posted on Saturday, May 02, 2009

Leave your comment: is this Afghan hot or not?

"Meet me at hot or not President Hamid Karzai in stead of denouncing I appeared “half naked” ..."

That's what S. B. must have been thinking when she wore a bikini at the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Manila in 2005...

Or is it that only President Hamid Karzai can use tax payers money in order to perform his daily personal fashion show: his clothes can be fashionable, but what is he doing for the clothes of all Afghan women that are not living in his vicinity?

And how does Hamid Karzai expect Afghan women earn some pocket money?

S. B. was the first Afghan woman to compete in an international beauty competition (Miss Earth, Manila, Philippines) in three years and sparked controversy in her native Islamic country.

Of course there is no controversy whatsoever when women in Afghanistan are not even allowed to go to school, let alone to get educated.

But goodness me when one Afghan woman get's spotted in a bikini...

Afghan hot or not? Very hot and they could show also to be very intelligent if only they were allowed to enroll themselves in schools.