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Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bollywood in bikini

Former Bollywood star Kim Sharma struts her stuff in bikini in the new movie Yaagam.

Navdeep and Kim Sharma portray bartenders, Bhumika portrays an airhostess who has a chance encounter with the latter 2. Martial arts hero Tony Jha's protege has choreographed mind-blowing action sequences.

Very much Bo-Derek style, Kim Sharma gets wet in the water and on the beach in a sexy white beachwear on the Coromandel coast walking strait into the camera.

In her wet dress and with water dripping from her hair, striking provocative poses, she lets male viewers let their imagination 'mind blowing' running wild, as we are used to in Bollywood movies. All safe yet voluptuous and provocative at moments.

Yaagam is a new Telugu - from Calcutta's Tollywood - movie. Kim Sharma changed her typical low neck dresses - that made her stand out in Bollywood - for a white wet bikini. Other than that? Nothing much really.