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Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

desperate housewives bikini

Me and my girlfriend love the show "Desperate housewives" as we do see some similarities between the characters and ourselves. So we call ourselves Desperate Housewives II.

Both of us having been stuck at home looking after kids and juggling a career at the same time decided that we should plan a vacation together when we turn 50.

Yes, the big 5... We wanted some time away from spouses and kids just to reminisce on the good old days, just basically relax and enjoy ourselves.

Been beach bums it has to be a seaside vacation and after setting down on where to go, the next most important thing would be to look for swimwear.

Our bathing suits had both seen better times and to say it is a little old fashion was an understatement.

We wanted something trendy so we scoured around in magazines looking at what swimsuits celebrities were wearing and what was hot for the summer.

In the end we settled on 3 pieces of new swimwear each. Enough for our 2 week vacation in the Bahamas! We had a blast on our holiday. Most of our time was spent lounging in the sun and on the beach sipping margaritas and lemonade with the occasional swim in the pool or sea.

The most important thing was that we wanted to still look and feel good at 50 and we managed to do that. The pictures that we took were proof of that!