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Posted on Monday, October 12, 2009

bikini filipina

Be warned: if you can't get the above bikini filipina picture out of your mind, we will teach you how to get her into your daily life.

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Not only to have a great holiday in the Philippines and bringing your filipina bride back home!

Filipina brides

Once you travel to Asia you will surely fall in love with it's people. Add to that : most people in the Philippines are Christians if religion is important for you or if you were already looking around on Christian dating sites.

Filipino women have an unique beauty and attitude: filipinas are very hospitable and entirely devoted to their husband, that is when the husband is totally devoted to his filipina wife as well :-)

So how does filipina dating work? read our 7 dating tips below and enjoy filipina girls better than in your wildest dreams.

1. Learn a few words of Tagalog: the mother language that filipina personals speak. It shows you want to make an effort to get deeper into the filipino culture.

Don't sweat: filipinos speak perfect English and know a lot about Western culture: more than you will know about theirs.

2. Bring your filipina women to a shopping mall: this is their favorite pass time and it's much cooler than sweating on the beach :-)

3. When you meet filipina girls on filipina dating sites, make sure you know how to text message: filipina girls just love texting: sending and receiving SMS. Actions speak louder than words: send a few lovely SMS to your future filipina wife.

4. Combine 1 and 3: send Tagalog SMS to your filipina sweetheart:

  • Miss na miss kita : I miss you so much

  • Lagi kitang iniisip : I always think of you

  • Ang ganda ganda mo : You are so beautiful

  • Mahal Kita : I love you

5. Be honest: filipina girls can forgive your bad things, but they won't forgive you for being a liar.

6. Filipino dating involves you to win over the heart of the entire filipino family. Like bring a present for the parents when you are invited into the house of your filipina girl.

7. Keep your filipina dreams at bay meaning: only when you made clear that you are serious with your filipina date and with her family, you can think about advancing to get to know your filipina bikini girl more up close and personal.