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Posted on Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bikini line laser hair removal

Enjoy smooth and silky legs: Pros en Cons about bikini line laser hair removal. Biggest benefit: laser treatments guarantee you a permanent hair removal.

Pros of bikini line laser hair removal

  • permanent hair removal for bikini line: a smooth bikini line for the rest of your life with zero maintenance

  • laser hair removal is painless, unlike waxing

Cons of bikini line laser hair removal

  • laser hair removal cost and time: most people need 4 laser sessions to permanently remove the hairs from their bikini line. Laser hair removal prices for one session can cost you between $100 to $500 dollar

  • inexperienced or careless doctors could burn your skin during the hair removal session, do ask your friends for their experiences in order to find the best laser hair removal doctor in your neighborhood

  • some people with darker skin experience lighter skin after the laser hair removal treatment

Alternatives for bikini line laser hair removal

When you only spend a limited amount of time on the beach each year, you could opt for cheaper hair removal solutions that leave your bikini line silky and smooth for about 4 weeks:

  • waxing, which is painful

  • epilating where you are completely in charge in the comfort of your own bathroom.

When bikini laser hair removal is not your cup of tea, read on how to choose a hair removal epilator that suits your needs.

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