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Posted on Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheap holidays in Malaysia

Have you booked one of those cheap holidays in Malaysia in July or August? Even if you booked luxury holidays in Malaysia, as soon as you travel to Malaysia to enjoy your holidays, you notice that Malaysia looks sunny yet the sky is not clear:

Malaysian Holidays

Malaysian holidays doomed with haze

Spending your holidays in Malaysia these days is like trying to enjoy a BBQ but the smoke is all blowing towards you...

In Malaysia: the beautiful rainforest of Sarawak and Borneo is being burned each year at the exact time the school holidays start in Europe: July. The same time a haze starts to sticks above Malaysia: these days people are even smelling the haze inside their office in Kuala Lumpur: the capital of Malaysia:

Every year in June and July Malaysia will suffer from bad air and haze, did your travel agency business tell you about that when you were booking your flight to Malaysia. No wonder these days people travel to New Zealand: they call it not for nothing "Pure New Zealand".

If you still need to plan your autumn or winter holidays, consider spring or summer in New Zealand. Read some expert tips on how to save money and find good yet cheap accommodation in New Zealand.