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Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When planning a vacation overseas, one of the most important aspects which sometimes could break or make your holiday would be the accommodation. Some of us are quite fine staying in a hostel but some of us want our creature comforts when away from home.

When making a selection for accommodation, I do take into consideration various factors. For example location, and if the hotel or accommodation reflects the local culture and cuisine as well. If possible I would prefer small hotels with beautiful d├ęcor and interior that has some local influences rather than ultra modern hotels set in large complexes.

For me Swiss Hotels represent the type of hotels that possesses all the features that I look for when planning for my vacation.


For me, a “typically Swiss” hotel in Switzerland generally has all the aspects of my ideal vacation accommodation. That basically means I look for a hotel that provides service with a personal touch in a village setting and located in a pristine natural environment. One such hotel is the 3 star Romantik Hotel Villa Carona located in Lugano-Carona:

This typical Swiss hotel is housed in an old townhouse of 200 years old and it is set amongst a backdrop of beautiful mountains in the artists’ colony of Carona. It has only 36 beds so it is neither too big nor too small but essentially you can still be assured of a personal touch during your stay in this lovely picturesque village of Carona.

So when planning your next holiday to Switzerland, book authentic Swiss hotels at as there are lots of choices available to suit your needs and budget.