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Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ubud Hanging Gardens

As close as you can get to heaven are the Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali, Indonesia. If you can afford to buy an airplane ticket, then you save the same amount of money and have a 3 nights stay in the hanging gardens in Ubud: the staff will address you personally which is just an example of how you will be pampered for your money. Maybe you could say they are too interested in what you are planning on each of your days :-)

Now you don't have to stay 24/7 in your hotel, once you are in Ubud you should do what the locals do and taste their famous "Ubud babi guling" which translates to 'roasted suckling pig'. And for those that love to eat pork meat, Bali has it!

Ubud Babi Guling
Ubud babi guling: Bali's famous roasted suckling pig

First you need to know that you will end up with only tiny slices of the pig on your plate. Secondly it is eaten in markets and road stores, so it's a far cry away of the luxury you are indulging yourself in the Ubud Hanging Gardens.

To escape from the luxury and the infinity pool of the Ubud Hanging Gardens, do see the countryside with the Banyan Tree cycling tour. You will appreciate it even more when you schedule a spa after you have been walking into the village and cycling around.