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Posted on Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doutzen Kroes bikini

Sexy Doutzen Kroes bikini pictures: front and back. When in doubt: a simple two-piece bikini is still the hottest look on the beach.

Doutzen Kroes Swimsuit

Doutzen Kroes swimsuit back

Tips for choosing your perfect bathing suit

Now if you don't have a perfect body like Doutzen Kroes - I for one am way too short for my liking -, follow the following tips to look your perfect best on the beach or near the pool of your favorite spa resort:

  • high cut bikini
    when you are short like I am, high cut bikini bottoms make your legs look longer and elongate your figure, boy leg pants however will give the opposite effect.
    doutzen kroes in bikini
    Doutzen Kroes in bikini with boy leg pants

  • one pieces bathing suits with the right pattern also can elongate your figure a bit. they are my favorite as they cover lots of skin, which is a smart choice in the tropics. Slim, athletic figures also fit extremely well in a one piece swimsuit..

  • when you have a curvy, hour-glass figure and a big bust, you should go for halter-neck bikinis.

Always remember that skimpy, daring, sexy swimwear mostly is designed not to be used on the beach, but more to make a fashion statement next to the pool, not even inside the pool!

And as you must have noticed: since she has such long legs, it's difficult to show you Doutzen Kroes bikini pictures with a high cut bottom. Be like the models: only wear the swimsuit that matches your figure!