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Posted on Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pamper yourself with a 2 to 4 hour spa treatment at the Ishan Spa Langkawi.

Ishan Spa Langkawi

The Ishan Spa is privately tucked away and only reachable after a long walk up the stairs. Being high up you can feel the cool breeze of the sea whilst you relax in a 3 hour spa treatment like The Orchid Spa Package, comprising of:

  • full body scrub with Neem leaves

  • fresh turnip with banana leaf wrap

  • revitalizing facial and

  • a lovely full body relaxation massage

When you have 1 extra hour to indulge, try the Plumeria Spa package including:

  • a traditional Malaysian coconut oil scalp massage

  • a hair treatment with coconut milk

  • a full body scrub with black rice

  • the fresh herbs wrap with banana leaf

  • a floral bath before or after your massage

  • a full body aromatherapy massage

  • the most welcome rejuvenating facial and mask and

  • some foot pampering

I went for this full throttle Plumeria Spa package: when you want to pamper yourself so far away in Langkawi, better pamper yourself in the best way ever.

What I love about this Malaysian Spa is the use of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices in the homemade coconut and black rice body scrubs. Also the aromatherapy oils used are specially formulated by Ishan Spa Langkawi. It gives this spa a much more personal touch than just being offered to choose between the usual lavender or other aromatherapy oils used in most Resort Spas.

The other plus of the Ishan Spa Langkawi Spa is that right after your massage you can walk into your own private flower bath enjoying the serenity of the forest.

The Ishan Spa Langkawi offers complimentary pick up and return to your hotel, so you can stay in any Langkawi hotel and still enjoy a top spa treatment in the Ishan Spa Langkawi.