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Posted on Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pimalai Resort and Spa Koh Lanta

Enjoy another infinity pool, this time in the Pimalai Resort and Spa Koh Lanta, Thailand. For those who speak a mouthful of Thai language, you know that Koh is the Thai word for island. Koh Lanta is a largely unspoiled, very quiet island and natural travel destination in Thailand with of course some beautiful beaches and great for diving as well. Ideal diving in Koh Lanta Thailand is from November to April.

Pimalai Resort and Spa

The Pimalai Resort and Spa Koh Lanta blends in the environment of the hilly land with direct access to a 900 meters lovely sandy beach, reachable by bus and boat in about 2hrs from Krabi International Airport. Don't expect a big crowd that wants to endure this amount of travel time in order to indulge in the luxury and peace of the Pimalai Resort and Spa. Yet there are 121 accommodations available on the resort and not one but 2 of these infinity swimming pools.

Unless you want to crack a few bottles in their wine cellar, for normal tourists there are lots of other activities than enjoying the spa - offering lots of different oriental therapeutic treatments using Thai herbal and natural products - or relaxing on the beach: canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, bicycling, Thai cooking classes, trekking and even playing tennis, although I find the weather way too hot to enjoy an outdoor tennis in Thailand.

So if you are looking for luxury in paradise, add the Pimalai Resort and Spa Koh Lanta on your list of places to go before you die.