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Posted on Friday, January 29, 2010

freida pinto in bikini

Can you get inspired by Freida Pinto in bikini for Valentine? If your answer is no, then check out our romantic Freida Pinto bikini photos below.

freida pinto bikini

Now this Freida Pinto bikini picture should get you more in the Valentines mood.

freida pinto bikini pics

Now in stead of staring to these Freida Pinto bikini pics the idea is that she should inspire you for Valentine. Did you already watch her in her movie Slumdog Millionaire? If not, go buy or hire the DVD and watch it with your valentine.

freida pinto dev patel

Be inspired by Freida Pinto and Dev Patel who hit it off big time after they shot Slumdog Millionaire. The love story between their characters in Slumdog Millionaire moved into their real lives. And so should you and your partner after seeing the movie on valentines day.

freida pinto in a bikini

If you have already seen the movie, then enjoy the never before released Freida pinto in a bikini oops bathing suit picture taken at the Vanity Fair shoot from March 2009, the same shoot as the first Freida Pinto in red hot bikini picture.

Posted on Monday, January 25, 2010

Pangkor Laut Malaysia

When Sports Illustrated opts to make their next swimsuit photoshoot in Pangkor Laut Malaysia, you can imagine the mindblowing exotic sceneries you can expect on your next holiday to the Pangkor Laut Resort Malaysia.

Pangkor Laut Photos

Even I can take stunning Pangkor Laut photos, not because I am a good photographer, but because you can't go wrong with this kind of tropical paradise scenery. Just remember for taking in a romantic sunset on Pangkor Laut or anywhere else in Malaysia: do remember that the sun always sets early in the tropics, around 19.00h and never later than 20.00h.(Picture taken at Emerald Bay Malaysia, Pangkor Laut)

Pangkor Laut Island Resort

What I love the most about the Pangkor Laut Island Resort is the above pavilion where the Pangkor Laut's yoga sessions are held every morning and afternoon. And behing the yoga pavilion is the Pangkor Laut Resort restaurant with excellent food without being bothered by the price when you opt for the 3 day- 2 night all in one holiday package. On an hilarious note: I was standing in line to book my holiday at my travel agent when I heard the people before me trying to book 14 days at the Pangkor Laut resort and the only answer the - in my mind not too smart - travel agent could give was: you can only opt for the 3 day - 2 night all in one Pangkor Laut Malaysia package... Really, if people want to pay full price to indulge for 14 days in Malaysia's paradise, why do you want to force them a package?

Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wouldn't you be able to slim down and look gorgeous in a bikini, when even a busy mom of + 200 pounds can do it? Wouldn't you do anything to buy the bikini of your dreams? Imagine the stares you get on the beach from stunned admiring men and overly jealous women...

Bikini Model Program testimonial review

The best testimonial to the success of the Bikini Model Program is Jennifer Nicole Lee herself. Look at Jennifer's amazing before and after in Oprah's video:

Buy Jennifer's Bikini Model Program now for only $97, money back guarantee! Now you can lose weight and do bikini body exercises and baby sit at the same time :-)

The Bikini Model Program as featured on the Oprah show and many other shows is about a mom with 2 kids - Jennifer Nicole Lee. She teaches you how you can start weighing over 200 pounds and reach your goal: looking like a gorgeous, sexy bikini model. If she can do it, you can do it too. Become one of the gorgeous bikini bodies on the beach. and you don't have to purchase toddlers if you don't want to :-).

The Bikini Model Program is not just a bikini diet. It is a fun and complete lifestyle make over. Jennifer teaches you smart and fun food plans, exercise routines and, well, some beauty secrets that will accentuate your best parts once you strut your stuff in your bikini on the beach or next to the pool of your favorite resort and spa.

Will the Bikini Model Program work for you? That you will only find out when you take action and buy the book.

How to get a bikini body

Take action now!

  • take a picture of yourself now,

  • order the book,

  • follow the instructions in the Bikini Model Program,

  • take another picture of yourself within 2 months

  • evaluate the bikini body program:

    • when you look stunning, reward yourself with a new bikini otherwise

    • just ask your money back and still spend it on new swimwear based on the beauty tips from the book: you always win!.

I have never been over 200 pounds myself, but I did lose extra pounds practicing lots of the advice, exercise and easy beauty tips I read in the Bikini Model Program. Although you could feel as if you can never be slim enough: being in shape as stated in the Bikini Program, I do feel good walking on the beach and next to the pool wearing even the most daring bikini :-) I do admit however: I normally wear a one piece bathing suit: it looks like a bikini but it's actually a monokini: that's my way of accentuating my most beautiful assets first as stated in the Bikini Model Program.

So if you want to show your bikini body off in the bikini of your dreams, take action now and buy the Bikini Model Program for only $97.00: that's money well spend once you feel good and sexy walking on the beach in the bikini of your dreams.

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black halter neck bikini

Becca swimwear designed this gorgeous black halter neck bikini exclusively for Victoria's Secret.

  • the Becca halter top made from micronylon and spandex is front lined, ties at neck and back and features a romantic hearth in the middle: no wonder this Becca swim wear was hot on sale before Valentine's day 2008.

  • the Becca bikini bottom is low rise with also a heart trim.

This Becca bathing suit only comes in black and can simply be ordered online in sizes XS to L with adjustable band to fit sizes 32 to 38D : another ideal Becca swimsuit to relax and tan next to the pool of your favorite resort and spa, or as a bikini present at Valentine's Day!

Posted on Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Becca Bungalow Swimwear

My favorite swimwear of the year that was: the classy Becca bungalow swimwear style. Why? Because like we said in our previous Becca Swimwear post: designer Rebecca puts in unquestionable attention to the smallest detail! How more beautiful and unique when your bathing suit gets accented with golden hardware at bust and bottom?

Becca Bungalow Swimwear
Becca Bungalow Swimwear detail

This gorgeous detailed Becca bungalow style is also elaborated:

  • in the Becca halter top
    Becca Halter Top
    Becca halter top Bungalow swimwear where ruched fabric crisscrosses at the bodice of a halter-style tankini, finished with that brilliant gold tone hardware at the front

  • as well as in the Becca bandeau
    Becca Bandeau
    Becca bandeau bathing suit: top constructed with stretch foam cups having adjustable shoulder straps and a clasp back closure. I especially love the slightly skirted bottom.

If you haven't made your mind up yet what bathing suit to wear this year, do play around in the Becca Color Code Swimwear style:

Becca Color Code Swimwear
Becca Color Code Swimwear 2010

The Becca Color Code Lets you play around with color and bathing suits, sheer tunics, lightweight cardigans, buttery-soft rompers and coverups. Not as classic as last years Becca Bungalow swimwear style, but you can be creative and completely personalize your look with Becca's Color Code Swimwear.

Posted on Friday, January 01, 2010

Becca Swimwear

2010 is Becca Swimwear year! In 2010, Becca will be looking forward with a constructive attitude and optimism with even eco friendly bathing suits.

Why would you wear Becca Swimwear?

To feel and look great on the beach, near the pool or walking to your bungalow! Soak every sun, pool and beach experience in by wearing any Becca swimsuit. Relax. Take pleasure in expressing yourself with a heavy dose of swimwear fashion and seek away pleasure and excitement. Be confident, creative and also unique...

Who is behind Becca's Swimwear?

Rebecca Virtue, a native Californian, is the designer of the Becca Swimwear brand. She combines contemporary styling and designs with classic essential styles beautifully adapted towards the female form with combining exclusive fabrics and print with the perfect fit and an eye to the smallest detail.

What's new at Becca's Swimwear for 2010?

Becca's 2010 swimwear is called "let the sun in". This is Rebecca's eighth collection, drenched with a fresh vibrant color palette fashioned to match your individual character and mood: romantic soft shades for one day, dramatic chic hues for your next swimsuit day: the 2010 Becca swimwear collection will be able to express your every single emotion.

This swimsuit collection is ideal for the creative mind: pair your own combinations in Color Code: the newest addition to the Becca swimwear collection that lets you mix and match colors and silhouettes with ease. This swimsuit assortment offers you lightweight cardigans, stylish sheer tunics, buttery-soft rompers and dresses.

It looks like some of her swimsuit collections are based on the colorful yet mystical tropical rainforest after a flush of monsoon rain. The colors travel through jungle, butterflies, animals and raindrops:

Becca Coverup
Becca Coverup Tropical Tango

What we love the most about Becca Swimwear is that designer Rebecca also produces eco friendly Becca bathing suits in her soy and bamboo collections: soy swimwear and bamboo coverups and sportswear.