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Posted on Friday, January 01, 2010

Becca Swimwear

2010 is Becca Swimwear year! In 2010, Becca will be looking forward with a constructive attitude and optimism with even eco friendly bathing suits.

Why would you wear Becca Swimwear?

To feel and look great on the beach, near the pool or walking to your bungalow! Soak every sun, pool and beach experience in by wearing any Becca swimsuit. Relax. Take pleasure in expressing yourself with a heavy dose of swimwear fashion and seek away pleasure and excitement. Be confident, creative and also unique...

Who is behind Becca's Swimwear?

Rebecca Virtue, a native Californian, is the designer of the Becca Swimwear brand. She combines contemporary styling and designs with classic essential styles beautifully adapted towards the female form with combining exclusive fabrics and print with the perfect fit and an eye to the smallest detail.

What's new at Becca's Swimwear for 2010?

Becca's 2010 swimwear is called "let the sun in". This is Rebecca's eighth collection, drenched with a fresh vibrant color palette fashioned to match your individual character and mood: romantic soft shades for one day, dramatic chic hues for your next swimsuit day: the 2010 Becca swimwear collection will be able to express your every single emotion.

This swimsuit collection is ideal for the creative mind: pair your own combinations in Color Code: the newest addition to the Becca swimwear collection that lets you mix and match colors and silhouettes with ease. This swimsuit assortment offers you lightweight cardigans, stylish sheer tunics, buttery-soft rompers and dresses.

It looks like some of her swimsuit collections are based on the colorful yet mystical tropical rainforest after a flush of monsoon rain. The colors travel through jungle, butterflies, animals and raindrops:

Becca Coverup
Becca Coverup Tropical Tango

What we love the most about Becca Swimwear is that designer Rebecca also produces eco friendly Becca bathing suits in her soy and bamboo collections: soy swimwear and bamboo coverups and sportswear.