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Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Property Malaysia

Imagine yourself tanning next to this quite pool, 365 days a year... Little gems like this can be found at I Property Malaysia: a new site catering for expats and everybody else who wants to enjoy a luxurious stay in Malaysia close by many facilities.

The challenge in Malaysia is finding a real estate negotiator who:

  • doesn't have the hit and run mentality, or that

  • who doesn't sell houses like he would sell vacuum-cleaners door to door.

I Property Malaysia

Why did the owner of I Property Malaysia started a site with quality in mind, not quantity. Because customer service is poor in Malaysia, be it in your Resort and Spa, be it in a shop, be it in real estate...

If you want to browse through decent listings sourced by a real estate negotiator who is used to deal with good overseas service, then you are on the right address.

Why buy property in Malaysia?


  • Malaysia is truly Asia: the melting pot of many Asian cultures (and cuisine!)

  • Malaysia has many exotic, romantic beaches and spa resorts

  • the weather in Malaysia is ideal to enjoy your swimming pool 365 days a year (24/7, sometimes lighted Jacuzzi included)

  • Malaysians do speak English, so you can get by quickly and easily

  • Malaysia has a special Malaysia My 2nd Home Program, giving benefits to retired expats who want to buy a house in Malaysia. Contact your local town hall or the Malaysian Tourist Board for more information.

Travel to Malaysia, fall in love with it and start planning your retirement there :-)

Posted on Thursday, March 25, 2010

Most of you that hear about eco friendly bathing suits think about those Hawaiian or Polynesian girls wearing coconuts as kind of bikini top. However you can make perfectly sexy, beautiful and comfortable swimwear out of recycled plastic bottles:

Eco friendly bathing suits

Eco friendly bathing suits from recycled plastic bottles by Aaron Chang. Why derive polyester and other swimwear materials from petroleum when we can derive equal materials out of plastic bottles that were originally made out of petroleum?

You can already buy eco friendly bathing suits made out of soy pulp (a waste product of tofu soy oil production)or bamboo at Becca Swimwear.

But overall keep in mind: any waste is fundamentally a design flaw as there is no waste in nature. Do follow the awareness voyage of the Plastiki: a marine vessel completely made out of recycled bottles: not as sexy as the recycled bikini above, but nevertheless a beautiful vessel:


Plastiki: traveling for awareness about massive plastic bottle waste in the ocean

That's right: the same ocean you love to spend your next resort and spa holiday on. So start thinking earth, start producing less waste and use eco friendly products: you can't say that the above Aaron Chong's recycled bikini isn't fabulous.

We only have one earth with a few oceans: keep them clean so we can enjoy many more holidays on clean beaches.

Posted on Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kenyir dam

Isn't it amazing how in Malaysia this ugly Kenyir dam on one side can create one gorgeous lake on the other side:

Kenyir Lake Malaysia

Kenyir Lake Malaysia, view taken from the Kenyir Lake View Resort (and that's why you need to book a room with a view towards the lake!)

The only way to sleep more close to the lake than what the Lake Kenyir Resort en Spa is taking a boat ride in the Kenyir Houseboat. The latter reminds you again why you love to spend your time in a private environment of boutique resorts and spa's.

On the other hand it all makes you thinking: how this Kenyir dam has affected the whole area here, how men in general are affecting the whole planet and why it is getting more and more important to start thinking about eco tourism and sustainable eco friendly resort and spa vacations. You don't litter when you take a massage and it's equally or even more relaxing than let's say taking a ride on a Jet Ski, minus the noise pollution, air pollution and carbon footprint.

Although having had a huge impact on nature and creating the wonderful Kenyir lake, the Kenyir dam does produce "clean" energy in its hydroelectric power station.

Anyway's, that's on the other side of the dam, at this side near the lake it's all peace and quietness! And today no need to wash all my towels, let's help to keep the little amount of clean water on this planet for the earth's fauna and flora.

Posted on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kenyir Houseboat

The lake Kenyir houseboat is your ideal home stay vacation destination if you love budget accommodation, basic luxury, water and fishing.

I went along for the experience with a group of Japanese tourists who didn't speak that well English and could use an interpreter. Anyway's, this Kenyir lake houseboat - or "floating device" to be more precise - biggest luxury is a real toilet on board. Cooking is done on board as well and the advantage of this boat is that it can take you far deep on the lake for a relaxing fishing trip. Not that I managed to catch anything, as trying to chit chat with more than 10 people at the same time as fishing isn't a smart option.

The other fun part is the smaller boat dangling behind the Kenyir house boat that you could take to get around places on Lake Kenyir where the slow boathouse can't reach.

All in all something different, ideal when you come in a group of friends, hire the entire boat and don't bother about any luxury.

Posted on Saturday, March 13, 2010

My daily massage at the Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa (Ulik Mayang Spa) only costs RM70 or about $20. It's great to rejuvenate yourself in a place in Malaysia where temperatures are cool and you are surrounded by lots of water and nature.

Lake Kenyir resort and Spa

Do book your chalet at the Lake Kenyir resort and spa with a view towards the lake! That's the best way to enjoy anything relaxing, or typing this post like I do.

I will have to go to the resort's lobby or restaurant to get connected to the Internet though, it would just be a little extra effort for the resort to get us an Internet connection in the Chalets. It's the small things that count I would say.

Lake Kenyir Resort

Lovely infinity pool at the Lake Kenyir Resort: make sure to bring your bikini and chill out in the bar after a swim.Sun tan lotion can be bought in the shop of the resort.

Choice of food is plentiful, yet the taste could be better when it comes to local food. Quite some variety of western food as well, which I will never understand; why you want to eat western food when you are in Malaysia: the melting pot of Asian cuisine?

Good service though and you just need to call and a golf cart will pick you up from your Chalet to where you want to go on the premises. Peak season for this resort is June, July and August. And since it is easy accessible, lots of local Malaysians spend their weekend here. So for a relaxing Resort and Spa holiday at Lake Kenyir, come during the week (just avoid monsoon season: November and December).

Posted on Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The closest waterfall to the Lake Kenyir Resort is the Soak Waterfall. You can get yourself a driver and go there or you can combine it with a visit to the Herb Island, which is a good deal, as still it's only a 2 hour trip.

Herb Island is about 20 boat minutes away from Lake Kenyir Resort and when you hear how much different herbs are growing on the island, you know how utterly sad it is for mankind to replace all that with one crop of palm trees.

Soak Waterfall Lake Kenyir

Another 10 boat minutes further lies the quite flat Soak waterfall.

What bathing suit to wear in Malaysia

Since you are in the tropics, exposing your skin only a few minutes in the sun can already give you a sun burn. Don't get optimistic, as you can get sunburned as well in the shadow and especially when bathing in one of the little pools around the Soak waterfalls.

cover up swimsuit

We advice always to wear a cover up swimsuit, not only to protect you from the sun, but also from the glaring and staring eyes of village or the Muslim population in Malaysia.

Get inspired what the locals do and wear and you will not notice any local wearing a tiny bikini. Sarongs however are the cloth of choice to cover your body, your legs or to have something to sit on. And you will look quite exotic as well when you know how to fold a sarong the Malaysian way. Ask at the Spa in your resort to help you out, normally you will get a sarong with each Spa treatment.

Do bring your strongest sun tan: Lake Kenyir feels a bit cooler than hot Kuala Lumpur, but the sun is still as powerful everywhere you go in Malaysia.

Posted on Friday, March 05, 2010

And I thought you could only enjoy elephants when traveling to Thailand. Wrong! Malaysia has its own Sungai Ketiar Elephant Sanctuary open for visitors, far away on one side Lake Kenyir. Its easy to reach when you take the road that connects Lake Kenyir to the lovely Malaysian Cameron highlands.

Sungai Ketiar Elephant Sanctuary

The Sungai Ketiar elephant sanctuary is near to Mount Kachang in the little village of Sungai Ketiar.

One one end it's lovely to be able to see elephants in Malaysia. However, the word sanctuary reminds us that we are destroying the elephants habitat.

A country like Malaysia with so much tropical rainforest and a thriving tourist industry is missing the opportunity to introduce eco-tourism for all its rainforest, nature reserves and diving and snorkeling coral reefs.

However at the rate Malaysia is destroying rain forest to replace with palm oil and destroying the old colonial and Chinese houses with ugly concrete buildings, you start wondering why anyone will to travel to Malaysia in the not so near future.

Posted on Monday, March 01, 2010

Lake Kenyir

I am spending a few weeks away from the hussle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur at the Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa in Terengganu, Malaysia.

To summarize lake Kenyir:

  • in one word: tranquility

  • in 2 words: eco tourism

  • in 3 words: paradise, paradise, paradise!

Lake Kenyir is a lake as big as Singapore, caused by the Kenyir Dam: that's why you can see those strange treetops sticking above the water of the lake.

Paradise for nature lovers that is: lots of birds, fishing or jungle trekking.

Prices however are a bit on the high side: for a fishing tour of about 3 hours I had to pay RM220 or about $70. Then again, if that's the price to pay for paradise, it is outmost cheap :-)

More updates in... well, I can get used to relaxing without having a computer next to me :-)