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Posted on Thursday, March 25, 2010

Most of you that hear about eco friendly bathing suits think about those Hawaiian or Polynesian girls wearing coconuts as kind of bikini top. However you can make perfectly sexy, beautiful and comfortable swimwear out of recycled plastic bottles:

Eco friendly bathing suits

Eco friendly bathing suits from recycled plastic bottles by Aaron Chang. Why derive polyester and other swimwear materials from petroleum when we can derive equal materials out of plastic bottles that were originally made out of petroleum?

You can already buy eco friendly bathing suits made out of soy pulp (a waste product of tofu soy oil production)or bamboo at Becca Swimwear.

But overall keep in mind: any waste is fundamentally a design flaw as there is no waste in nature. Do follow the awareness voyage of the Plastiki: a marine vessel completely made out of recycled bottles: not as sexy as the recycled bikini above, but nevertheless a beautiful vessel:


Plastiki: traveling for awareness about massive plastic bottle waste in the ocean

That's right: the same ocean you love to spend your next resort and spa holiday on. So start thinking earth, start producing less waste and use eco friendly products: you can't say that the above Aaron Chong's recycled bikini isn't fabulous.

We only have one earth with a few oceans: keep them clean so we can enjoy many more holidays on clean beaches.