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Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Property Malaysia

Imagine yourself tanning next to this quite pool, 365 days a year... Little gems like this can be found at I Property Malaysia: a new site catering for expats and everybody else who wants to enjoy a luxurious stay in Malaysia close by many facilities.

The challenge in Malaysia is finding a real estate negotiator who:

  • doesn't have the hit and run mentality, or that

  • who doesn't sell houses like he would sell vacuum-cleaners door to door.

I Property Malaysia

Why did the owner of I Property Malaysia started a site with quality in mind, not quantity. Because customer service is poor in Malaysia, be it in your Resort and Spa, be it in a shop, be it in real estate...

If you want to browse through decent listings sourced by a real estate negotiator who is used to deal with good overseas service, then you are on the right address.

Why buy property in Malaysia?


  • Malaysia is truly Asia: the melting pot of many Asian cultures (and cuisine!)

  • Malaysia has many exotic, romantic beaches and spa resorts

  • the weather in Malaysia is ideal to enjoy your swimming pool 365 days a year (24/7, sometimes lighted Jacuzzi included)

  • Malaysians do speak English, so you can get by quickly and easily

  • Malaysia has a special Malaysia My 2nd Home Program, giving benefits to retired expats who want to buy a house in Malaysia. Contact your local town hall or the Malaysian Tourist Board for more information.

Travel to Malaysia, fall in love with it and start planning your retirement there :-)