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Posted on Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kenyir dam

Isn't it amazing how in Malaysia this ugly Kenyir dam on one side can create one gorgeous lake on the other side:

Kenyir Lake Malaysia

Kenyir Lake Malaysia, view taken from the Kenyir Lake View Resort (and that's why you need to book a room with a view towards the lake!)

The only way to sleep more close to the lake than what the Lake Kenyir Resort en Spa is taking a boat ride in the Kenyir Houseboat. The latter reminds you again why you love to spend your time in a private environment of boutique resorts and spa's.

On the other hand it all makes you thinking: how this Kenyir dam has affected the whole area here, how men in general are affecting the whole planet and why it is getting more and more important to start thinking about eco tourism and sustainable eco friendly resort and spa vacations. You don't litter when you take a massage and it's equally or even more relaxing than let's say taking a ride on a Jet Ski, minus the noise pollution, air pollution and carbon footprint.

Although having had a huge impact on nature and creating the wonderful Kenyir lake, the Kenyir dam does produce "clean" energy in its hydroelectric power station.

Anyway's, that's on the other side of the dam, at this side near the lake it's all peace and quietness! And today no need to wash all my towels, let's help to keep the little amount of clean water on this planet for the earth's fauna and flora.