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Posted on Thursday, April 08, 2010

Plus size swim suits

Where to find plus size swim suits that suit your D + size? Miracle suit swimwear is one solution but look what I found today: a site entirely devoted to girls with a D+ bust :

Not that I am in need of such a swimsuit, but my friend has. She recently had a breast enhancement which makes her look even more gorgeous in dresses and evening wear, but unlike before, shopping for sexy, comfortable and "not over the top" bathing suits is becoming a challenge. And poor her, she loves to strut her stuff near the beach and the pool.

Just a warning for all my readers: unlike me who loves one piece bathing suits and reduces my time under the direct sun as much as possible, my friend loves to get a tan. Nothing is worse for your skin than exposing it to the tropical sun the whole day. Although I am a bit jealous that I am not naturally gifted with a D+ bust (a C would do as well :-) ), my friend cannot but admit that her skin is nowhere near looking as healthy as mine.

Beauty comes with a huge price tag and one seems to forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder :-).