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Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010

Riverview restaurant

Enjoy a cool breeze and the smell of the sea one hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the Riverview Restaurant.

Riverview Restaurant

The view is so stunning as if you were having dinner on a boat. Almost true, as the restaurant is build above the river and you can enjoy the riverboats sailing by.

Add this to your off the beaten track Kuala Lumpur tourism attractions when you want to eat fresh seafood (not frozen) from the early morning catch.

Although for Malaysian standards this restaurant is no more than a "coffee shop", do note that it is fully packed on weekends. And since Friday's the roads in Malaysia are also busy due to the Muslims taking half a day off, your best bet is to drive there from Monday till Thursday.

It seems to be a Halal restaurant as I don't recall any pork, not that I was looking for that in the first place: there is a lot of fish and see food on the menu:

Riverview Restaurant menu

Above some delicious crab in what they call a milk sauce. I guess that's just a way of marketing this overly delicate butter crab: come here every day in a week and for sure you need to buy a bigger size bikini or bathing suit!

Not that the river water is inviting enough to have a plunge, for that you better visit one of the many Malaysian Resorts and Spas we talk about on our woman's swimwear site.